2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 1 The Run Up

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Image: Don Sitton legally blind for his entire life was a presenter at KPET Radio in Lamesa West Texas for 29 years, beginning in 1989. A familiar voice on the morning show he used to interview attendees at the Lamesa Forrest Fest. We met in 2011 when I first performed ther and struck up a friendship that lasted till he passed away on October 13 2018. I always looked forward to our intreviews I shall miss him this year. Poem 5 was written as a tribute.


23.8.18 - 1) Time to be thinking about going back

To Texas start getting things on track.

Start off right, book the flight once that’s out of the way,

It’s insurance and somewhere to stay

Then a car for drivin’ round so look at the offers

An’ see how much I can keep in my coffers

Spent a few days looking through a maze

Looking at the cost trying not to get lost

Do I want one stop or two, or did I want to fly through the night  

On the way arriving the following day

One guy in the know or so he thought suggested I take a taxi to Heathrow

Or let the train take the strain

I told him the time it would take and the cost

He didn’t want to know so was told where to go

So my search carried on I kept on trying

And found that those most prominent in boasting cheap flights were lying

Then an advert said click here enter your number and we’ll ring you back

I did and things were back on track

I got the flight out I wanted maybe early but less hurly burly

Change at Heathrow 2 hours before the final flight,

Hopefully time to get my suitcase on board, before I fly out

So it was booked and further to my delight

I can print my boarding pass off 24 hours before the flight

And there’s one thing more I can tell,

The money I saved paid for my insurance as well


13.09.18 - 2) Now where to stay?

I’ll look among the maze of so called offers,

And see how much I can keep in my coffers

Hotel, Motel Air B & B, let’s have a look and see

I thought I’d save a heap one place looked really cheap

Then I found I was in a fix,

What I thought was a room for one was in fact a room for six

Cancel then look again search not in vain

I kept looking round then accommodation was found

Looked a good deal but when I got the confirmation letter

Thought that’s not bad but later

Something made me feel I could do much better

So I began to surf, the internet for all I was worth

I was glad I did for; I found I saved 90 dollars more


22.09.10 - 3) Now I need a car for when I go, use the same firm again

They’re quite good in the main,

Little extras I always feel I get a good deal

So took roadside assistance there and then

Found out I had to pay up front then go on line to claim it back

I thought what a mess I’m often without internet access

Which could be anywhere, so I cancelled thinking I’ll do it over there

No pay out just sign on the line then away and every things fine

But if warning and advice are heeded, hopefully it won’t be needed

An’ just one thing more, I hope my first car lasts me all tour


4) Car hired to get around wherever I’m bound

No need for a gps to hire the trip should go fine

Cos’ I downloaded a map of America into mine

Lastly taxi to book, one phone call was all it took

That’s it done come February I’ll know

When my ESTA’s sorted I’ll be good to go


14.10.18 – 5) News came from Lamesa that made me sad today

I was told my friend Don has passed away

The local radio presenter who many know

At Forrest Fest I was a regular on his morning show

That’s not all as often KPET used to be my first port of call

Lettin’ him know what was goin’ down

As The Road Poet arrived back in town

Perfect at journeys end, like droppin’ in on an old friend

Now on his old slot someone else may be billed

Though his place may be taken but it’ll never ever be filled


21.12.18 - 6) The nights are getting longer, the wind’s getting stronger

It’s getting colder as the year gets older

Now it’s almost the end of the year Christmas not far away

One last chance to have my say before Christmas Day

What I like at the last Leeds based open mic

So I went and gave vent to what I was feeling

Had the audience reeling

With what I rendered, all too soon the evening ended

It’s been a blast but not my last,

As I now remember, I’ve got a final one

At Cleckeaton on the last Saturday in December


29.12.18 - 7) Last open mic went well everyone did tell

Livelily not drear a good way to end the year

Among friends and poets we know, it really was the way to go

Me the spotlight and to my delight others there to recite

I could tell it went really well

And one thing was clear, let the poetry roll and roll on next year


05.01.19 - 8) New Year begun first open mic done

I was found, Halifax bound. My work was heard at Spoken Weird

Travelling many miles to hear different poetry styles

All reciting our poetic art getting 2019 off to a great start

Giving me inspiration and more for this year annual Texas poetry tour


10.01.19 - 9) I’m driving along and I hear a song,

Makes me smile takes me back a while

Then as if on cue, the city lights come into view

I’m listenin’ to a gentle Country Music refrain

An’ for an instant I’m back in Austin again.


14.01.19 - 10) Radio shows to plan for this broadcasting man

Guests to find then that’s it when it’s all done

Plus before long got to get my tour planning on song

When they’re found

I can relax and wait to be once again Texas bound


18.01.19 - 11) January flowing and from Pudsey to Ponte poetry ongoing

More to come in Bradford York and Leeds

And read a story at Wakefield’s  Jackanory

Then there’s Febrary and March to come

Read more and then some, then come March 30 I’ll be away

On my annual poetry tour in Texas USA


23.01.19 - 12) Registration time for the AIPF to do my rhyme

My card denied when I tried to pay, to my dismay

Try again, all in vain no way can I pay

Feeling dejected, card rejected

E mail to a friend, reply says it’s a problem at their end

Reply said technical fault, registration at a halt

But not to worry they got me on a list, so I’ll not be missed

So mind at rest I can now look forward to

This year’s Austin International Poetry Fest

And that’s not all I’ll tell, I’ve got my shows guest slots filled as well


10.02.19 - 13) Time to register for the AIPF or so I thought,

But my attempt came to nought

Try and try in vain, I couldn’t pay again

Try as I might I was thwarted, 

I was told leave it a while we’ll get it sorted

Later I tried again to pay, but the system didn’t want to play

Then news that made me cheer

An e mail said you’re registered pay when you get here.

So now look at The RGVIP site and book

But that to was not to be as all I could see

It took my details but it wasn’t funny this time no page asking for money

Try again and again and in and all in vain

But they’d got my application someone did tell

And I was told I could pay on arrival there as well


19.02.19 - 14) Before my plans could unravel, I needed a permit to travel

To the USA from March till May

My permit Electronic System for Travel Authorisation

To get me to the American nation

Needed renewing so now it’s done, and valid till 2021


02.03.19 – 15) Now we’re into March which’ll bring the first day of spring

And more they say, Lent, Ash Wednesday and Pancake Day

On the trees’ll be seen new buds opening, slowly sprouting green

On the 31st the clocks go forward, an hour’s less sleep but I’ll not be sore

Cos’ I set off for Texas on the day before


21.03.19 - 16) An e mail sent, to Austin Wildlife Rescue it went

Asking can I work there once more a reply came back saying sure

At our new location it’s state of the art where I can play my part

Saw it last year being made ready went over there

Opened early this year now I’ll be working there

Bigger cos’ more and more animals need care

More and more room, space to share, or all injured animals large or small

An’ I’ll be there playing a part in it all.


24.03.19 - 17) Done my last live radio show before I go once more

On my annual poetry tour

Five recorded programmes to play while I’m away

Hope they like what I’ve done, what I’ve recorded music wise,

And for way with words many a poetry score

From my 2011 first USA Poetry Tour

But when I’m back they’ll know cos’ I’ll have a live guest on the show


29.03.19 - 18) Departure eve morning day is dawning I’m laid on the settee

Milo laid asleep on me

I’m enjoying the moment no need for sorrow

Cos’ I’m away early tomorrow

Thinking about last night when my last pre-tour open mic went alright

And the day ahead what’s to be done

Print off boarding pass, travelling economy class

A few bits more to buy before I fly

And outside the daylights growing stronger

But for now I’m going to snooze with Milo a little longer


19) Come the day come the hour, print of my boarding pass before I shower

Didn’t work at first began to fear the worst

Then I noticed I’d used M not N

In my name, soon corrected then as expected

No longer replete my paperwork was complete

But it was no joke when I found my overnight bag was broke

But another one sought and bought

And so one by one all the tasks got done

So now it’s time to bid goodnight

And a good sleep before I leave early for tomorrows flight 

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