Love Song

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Lonesome lovers loom laments; longing lost love; lo lust!

Odes of ordinary ordeals; of orchid opalescent oases,

Velveteen verses voicing veiled voids; veritably vast...

Eternally embroidering elated, entrancing embraces!


Sirens serenade sweet songs; sinner succumbs.

Obedient, omicompetent Odysseus overcomes.

Nostalgic noblemen never needed nymphs’ nests.

"Graciously go grounding gatecrashing guests!"



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Mae Foreman

Wed 27th Mar 2019 19:23

Hey Don! My thoughts exactly!
Thanks a lot?

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Don Matthews

Wed 27th Mar 2019 18:40

Experiment my girl. Nothing new emerges unless we try different ideas.

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Mae Foreman

Wed 27th Mar 2019 16:31

Thank you Heart and Jason! The experiment is completed and I guess not an utter failure!

Heart, you are very insightful, that's been proven! I just thought the bold letters would add to the effect!

Jason, the fact that it makes sense to you and that it actually means something is what makes this piece real!

Thank you both for the support!?

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Heart of Lead

Wed 27th Mar 2019 16:14

Ah ha, you put the letters in bold so even one as unobservant as me would manage to see the hidden message. Glad you kept writing it.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 27th Mar 2019 16:05

Nostalgic noblemen never need nymphs nests,

How very true. Love it.

J. x

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