I do dream

I do dream,

This abundant love I see

It longs, not for the morrow.

it lays, in rest with now.


I dream of ears attuned to you

so his eyes may see

the you in me.


I  do dream,

I see Joy where justice lay,

 I see Regret turned rejoice,

Only by  trust in you,


I do  dream :

A dress so clean,

A slate so fresh,

A  smile so bright,

Not for a day, 


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Some Days

Some days are Grey, 

you don't say?

Some days, Am Clay 

How so?

I Shutter at shock 

But, these don't stay.


Some days Shine. 

both sunshine 

and sign-shine

for Sonship.


Loosely inspired by Psalms 23: Even when I walk through the valley and the shadow of death. I will fear no evil. For even when there, your right-hand guides me along the paths of righteousness...

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Sexy Sleep

Written way too late for bed.

Sexy Sleep

Come one, Come all 

Come and See.

What could it be?

'tis sleep so sweet


You look awake to me?

'tis sexy sleep.

What is sexy sleep?

it comes with ease

when there's peace.


Sleepy and Mad?

Talk it out!

A Fight before bed?

Yes, wait to sleep.


Said you: Sexy Sleep?

That's right!

Go get free


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I'd like to call

How I'd like to call,

to Say you are free

to know you're loved.


How I'd like to respond,

Would it go to the pond?

Unchecked, unheard

Unseen, or worse 

"seen", untouched


How I'd like to forget 

All the regret.

All the touch.

Was it all for you?

As it should never be.

How can I be Free?


Truth be: am free!

Hurt? A ton.

Yet, Loved and


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Motivate Me

Motivate me

You made me 

You know me 

what motivates me?


What elevates me 

alleviates me 

or compels me?


Give dreams 

I'll question on Quora digestion.


I'll sing till tune adieu.



I Admire

Craft? And I'll come

Show, and I'll go

If lost?

Send a sign.

When low?

Make me Glow

So  that I know 

What motivates me.



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I miss your abilities

Not that you* were serene to me, 

But you were all I can be.

Now pain-free,

I recognize me.



I see your close ability 

How? can't HE see

that  I need thee:


Once so real to me.


Barbells to pump?

Bring it on!

Squats then situps?

Such a breeze 

Legups and pushups?

A bit of a tease.



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Stranger Care


Strangers Care:

Care to stay past three*

Care to share 

and to spare:

"Come tomorrow, I'll have a phone for thee."

Left to stare,

shock or relief?

I can't explain.

Tomorrow is Here, 

"Sure about that?"

Am Stranger care, 

None does compare

"I won't change"

Just trust:

Strangers care.


*A Walmart phone agent spent 3hours trying to get my...

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Summer or snow,shoes to go

Dear Summer, 

I miss your soundproof walk 

Your fall-free floor.


shush, harsh

is all I hear.

"Let my shoes go"

I tell the snow. 

Damage here? you've done!

Clarks in snow?

I couldn't say No.

Brown's my thing

In summer or snow.


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