Were there many assembled in the chapel

was my niece there with her children

why do families quarrel

Did my wreath arrive on time, did you see it

were there many floral tributes

Was the atmosphere sad

I suppose tears were shed and sobs stifled

I sat alone at home and cried a little

as I imagined you all gathered there

Was anything draped over the coffin

who was the priest who officiated

I may not have been there

but I could see all in my mind´s eye

I felt drawn there, guilty not to be there

but relieved to have concealed my grief

We all loved him for many good reasons

he was so kind, calm and understanding

Was there a reception afterwards

perhaps in his favourite pub on the moors

He and Mum loved to go there on Sundays

I can see them now hand in hand

I was with you all in spirit and prayer

there was no prolonged suffering, the end was quick

◄ No more of this.....

Broken up ►


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keith jeffries

Fri 29th Mar 2019 18:04

John, thank you for your comment. You are right, my mistake. Thank you. Keith

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john short

Wed 27th Mar 2019 22:12

This is an honest and straightforward poem, constructed with a thoughtful economy of words. A carefully worded sense of loss and regret. One criticism is the use of capital letters when the previous line didn't end with a full stop. I've never quite understood this.

John Short

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Don Matthews

Thu 14th Mar 2019 10:43

Apologies for my dark humour

I'm placing myself at some risk here
Cos Dorothy's asked for a giggle
Playing around with death and with dying
Doesn't give me much room for to wriggle

Someone suggested the idea
Of plastic-bagging remains then council tip it
To make this more efficient, much easier
Just pitch it over dump truck then skip it

I like the idea of remains on a yacht
Then launched out to sea, all to see
With built-in igniter for fireworks
Sounds ritual-Egyptian to me

"Always look on the sunny side of life....tra la tra la...

(He's mad...) 😎

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Wed 13th Mar 2019 20:24

Hi Keith
Fascinating stuff. I find myself re-reading this several times.Very well expressed and conveyed.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 13th Mar 2019 17:51

I thought the content chimed with much of my own thinking on the
subject - especially the decision - for whatever reason (unstated)
not to be present at a funeral of this kind. I'm assuredly ahead
of most of WOL participants in the "Age Related Stakes Race" - &
may even win 😃 so I can speak of family funerals and my own
(pre-paid - with modest requirements...now under active revision
having read the above) with some acquaintance/knowledge.
Minimum fuss now seems to appeal most of all - who needs the
legions of mourners with their own various even questionable
reasons for turning up? Having said that, I rather like the idea
of my earthly remains being placed in burning boat and pushed off
- to vanish in a flaming farewell. But another voice says: keep
it sensible, burn with minimal fuss and be tipped into the family
plot that already exists overlooking a beautiful Devon bay.

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Wed 13th Mar 2019 12:15

Coming back briefly Keith to say

I agree that there can,t be a one size fits all way to paradise and humility is a good way to learn our own life plans. Too much exclusivity exists in institutions and I know you sense this too . If you have faith it is a rung on the ladder out of here so stick by it. Glad you saw my intent! Regards ray

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Mar 2019 11:25

Thank you all who commented. I value what has been said and respect the fact that we all hold different views. What pleases me most is, that despite our differencess, we can engage with one another in a constructive way. My own theology on death concurs with that of my father who asked that his mortal remains be put in a black plastic bag and thrown on the local council tip. I would be happy with that.

Thank you indeed,


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 13th Mar 2019 10:40


I really like this Keith, it is so very humanistic and straight forward.

You know more than some how brash and direct I can be at times, I suppose it's because I have passionate feelings about certain things, just as you do...and you express them similarly. You must know it frustrates me sometimes, I know you know because you give me some slack on occasions. I am grateful for that, not that I will ever change (I suspect, but who knows..we do change don't we)

So what I really like about this is you exposing your own fragility and worries, and that it shows whatever we believe and however strongly, there are ways we can still touch each other with our common humanity.

That's all really. Hope you're doing OK.


<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 13th Mar 2019 10:06

I thought this poem was delicate and sensitive, I also thought it showed a different side to you and I agree with Ray.

When I read it I experienced a a slight sense of shock - I have just written my instructions (well in advance) for my own funeral. (how sad is that)
My instrucion includes -- no ceremony - no mourners - no witnesses.
in the hope that no burden be placed upon a single pair of shoulders.

Please someone write something funny i feel the need to giggle.


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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Mar 2019 09:09


Thank you for your very constructive comments which I greatly appreciate. One of the reasons I am on WoL is to receive such comments as I, along with others, seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of our work. Thank you for this.

The words, religious, Faith, God, the bible, Church and belief have become misconstrued in recent times. They are all seen as being synonymous. Most people shun these expressions, often for understandable reasons. But in so doing many have thrown the baby out with the bath water. I am not religious, I despise the institution of the Church and I read scripture with an open mind as a free thinker. However, having said that I possess a Faith which sustains my spiritual life and gives me a persepctive on life which often puts me at odds with others. I would not darken the portals of the local parish church but say my prayers. I hope this makes sense.

Please continue to comment on my work as your thoughts and ideas are what I am looking for to give me motivation and advice as I try to develop my own poetry and writing. I truly thank you for this.


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Tue 12th Mar 2019 22:49

I love this for its simple honesty of feeling Keith. To me I feel you have done this highly effectively. It makes complete sense. Forgive me for saying this, but I would rather read a humanly revealing work like this than all the religiose declarations that you often pen, I'm sure with total sincerity , but which are like a closed shop to some. I hope you will accept my honesty here !

The strength of the poem is your own sense of limitation within it. That is gold.

With respect, Ray

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