Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Has come up with some mind-blowing things

Things you would not think are possible

Things you would never think bring


There's Mookkei pet bowls for you cat

Which use visual recognition to open

Only to a specific cat's face

And not to others wanting to hop in


Lovots are little companion robots

With artificial intelligence that can get

Your attention, shy away from unfamiliar people

And follow you around like a pet


TV screens will be made to roll back

Allowing access to music, a clock and to weather

Access to photos and a dashboard

While watching soapie 'Birds of a Feather'


Have I set you saying “Yes, gotta have these”?

Gotta keep up with your neighbour the Jones?

Must keep ahead with your latest possessions?

Must go upgrade your 7G phone?


Don Matthews March 2019


Lovot robot for your kids - $6,000 pair WOLers.  Peanuts, and they'll love you forever. Your kids.

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Don Matthews

Tue 26th Mar 2019 22:04

Why's there so much pain
And sorrow on the site
Romance filling all the blogs
It's bogging down alright

I wanna add some humour
It is a struggle though
Pain and sorrow's watcha want
With that I gotta go

At least there's two that like it
Two humour-seeking souls
Note the hyphen Dorothy
Doing it's set-out role ?

<Deleted User> (21487)

Tue 26th Mar 2019 18:04

This must be the only poem world wide on such an unromantic subject.
I suppose this is what happens when you are forced to live the wrong way up. mmmm

I have a sneaky feeling that I would like a little lovot - I could take it for a walk - pretend its a dog - but never have to feed it.
mmmmmmmmmmmm sad.

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