Chemo Pharmacopeia

Neutropenic, neutropenia,

White blood cells,

Haven't seen ya,

Smorgasbord analgesia,

Flowing chemicals,

Splitting cellular. 

Morphine drips,

Dripping calm for yer.

Picolax its the max,

Movicol movements,

Helping derrière.

Got your Nabilone,

Keeps your vomit home.

Sleep all day,

Pain free day?

We’ve got it here for yer.

Stop the trolley, 

Its not that good for ya,

But its better

than whats inside of yer.

Swill it round in yer,

Wash it down with yer,

Calshake quick-shake,

Protein in for yer.

Tramadol, Panadol,

Woozy Oxynorm,

Takes disdain

To your pain again.

For inspection,

Free of infection,


If the bloods chaotic

Thats anti biotic.

For blood inflation

There’s hydration, 

But if its transfusion

Then the bloods been

Losing em…

Platelets, marrow,

Stone white cells,

They're off the team again.

Stem cells grow cells,

thicken the blood again.

Chemical pharmacopeia,

Vincristine, Ifosfamide,

Doxorubicin and Etoposide,

Sounding VIDE?

Vene VIDE vici!

Take it all.

Its a science call.

Conquer your pain,

Show cancer disdain,

Live yer life again, 

And that’s yer meds’ gain,

That’ll make you well again.

If your lucky.

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Sat 16th Mar 2019 22:28

I have a younger brother who went through some experiences with some of the chemicals you mention. He is younger than me and, at the time, we were both in very early adolescence.

"Vincristine" is one that stands out, especially, as some are especially cruel.

Just a story, but my brother and I used to wrestle and play like young siblings or friends do. I happened to grab his hair during one such bout, like I would have at any other time in such play, and I heard a sound as if it were velcro separating from itself.

I had grabbed and pulled a handful of his hair, innocently. I was shocked and sad and sorry all at once--I was speechless.

He was so lovely, though. He looked at me and told me, as would've the wisest of men, what was going to happen to him.

He saw friends go through the same treatment he went through who didn't make it. And, I know the thoughts of them weighed upon him deeply, even as young as he was.

Thanks, Phil. I wish I knew how to say more, but the place from where you speak deserves more than words.


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Sat 16th Mar 2019 20:05

glorious and horrendous Phil. Like the ravings of true experience. I always remember as a kid certain smells that turned my stomach - ether and antiseptics, dentists miasma, truly horrifying to a kid. Not to mention the almost teutonic detachment of the professionals. Nowadays more variety of drugs. Remember Olivier as the Nazi dentists in the Marathon Man. That's where I am with this !!


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