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Monday,11th Mar 2019


Even from ancient times,

human beings have committed crimes

invaded peace loving people

and brought to their knuckles


"to call kings of kings" they expanded their sway

and found out an easy

bring them under control

and allow no freedom call


the world witnessed so many wars

with millions of deaths

the innocent fled the scene

never to be heard again


the people were subjected to torture

many were sent to exiles and suffered

then came the public outrage

they revolted and waged holy war


the peace has remained still a distant dream

but the struggled beamed from the inspiration

from writers, philosophers and even poets

who filled their hearts with the revolution quietly


the world war one made the people undergo poverty

it added hunger and misery

the Africans were subject to colonial rule

but the world couldn't remain mere spectator or fool


the world war II witnessed an atomic disaster

two cities totally disappeared from the earth

who knows how many died or perished

"the peace is the only alternative" people believed


The world needs peace with breather

let us join this crusade all over


Hasmukh Mehta


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