An appeal

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An appeal

Friday,1st March 2019


Take the pledge

and make an edge

over the propaganda

unleashed in the country over no agenda


an opposition is searching an excuse

to demand action so as to defuse

the tension prevailing on the border

without seeking the problem to be addressed


they are playing in the hands of an enemy

with disregard to the interests of the country

the soldiers take no note of such tactics

and disregard such mean politics


the country was left in unpreparedness

and the military was starving to face

the enemy with the capability

this is the main aim of an adversary


we, the soldiers, feel shame

when you claim

to be the responsible opposition

you have only your inhibitions


you make cutbacks

in defense procurement

and then risk the lives of defense personnel

how will you take care of civilians?


Hasmukh Mehta


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