Football Is King



In our state

we have a common state of mind

Football is king

and schools exist only to play football

each school has their own beloved team

and their all important mascot

which is plastered on the water tower

and on the welcome sign out on the highway

each school has its own separate stadium

built with taxpayer money

and each school has plans

to build a bigger better stadium

as soon as humanly possible

bragging rights come with the team

and the stadium

there is no limit and no controls

who cares if students can't read or write

football is more important

football builds character

and most of the characters

end up in court.


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Don Matthews

Fri 8th Mar 2019 13:19

dk you've come down on me hard
I was taught all my alphabet at school
I learnt all the characters required for
Graffiti-ing team motto (which was cool)

From here I turned graffiti professional
And like others I didn't get caught
I learnt how to read and to write right
Hence this one did not go to court 😎

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keith jeffries

Fri 8th Mar 2019 12:22


This is not only an issue in the USA but here in the UK also where sport is given a disproportionate amount of TV coverage and in some schools overrides the academic curriculum. Little wonder the young kick balls whilst they can´t evern compose a sentence. Sport is important for many reasons but should never interfere or compete with academia. Your poem is one which will provoke quite some reaction, but your premise is true.

Thank you for this


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