Point Of No Return


You know you've reached

the point of no return

when they start sending you brochures

regarding cremation and burial plots

Restful Gardens asks you to pre-plan

and think ahead for the sake of your lovely family

don't leave it up to them

don't burden them with the details

they will be already devastated by

your passing and the fight among themselves

as to who gets what and when

it's hard on them having to fight like dogs

trying to get that last bone

so think ahead and have your funeral ready to go

bought and paid for

flowers and music picked out

suit and underwear

and let them see that

you really weren't such a bad guy after all

who cares if they never come see you

or take a knee in your regard

they lead busy busy lives and

wear themselves out battling over your estate

lawyers to hire

court dates to meet

cut them some slack

fact is they remember you


more now

than they ever remembered you

when you were alive.




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Don Matthews

Thu 14th Mar 2019 09:59

dk why did you have
To put this thought in my head
Of kicking off my mortal coil
And ending me up dead?

For then I won't be able
To comment more in rhyme
You've put me in a pre-paid plot
You've done it good this time

I guess I can forgive you
You thought I wouldn't see
This 'Point of no Return' poem
Which don't apply to me 😎

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 13th Mar 2019 16:23

Unlike life itself -
I prefer any departure to be brief - and with that hope in mind...
I must come to dust
Or some would add: ash,
And with that in mind
I forked out my cash.
My pre-paid funeral plan
Is what I have got,
Put away in a draw
To pay for my plot! 😇

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Wed 13th Mar 2019 15:33

A time when people transform into vultures.Good stuff D.K.


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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Mar 2019 11:58

Words of clarity and truth

Thank you


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