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Bereft of feeling.

I wanted to do a poem today to provoke a thought or thinking about the insanity of taking drugs. I have known many people succumb to Heroin and painkillers, alcohol and it all seems so futile I myself suffered with addiction through mental illness. Its a terrible thing and very dark. So here is my attempt at describing this disease.


Bereft of feeling

Stare into the abyss
eyes burning...

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addictiondrugsMental illnesspainpoem


I was having a dark day feeling very negative I gazed out of the window and looked to the sky then Cadence came to me. I hope you share in my thoughts when you realise how beautiful things can truly be at a base level.



can you hear it? that natural cadence?
that bird song disturbing the silence
so busy so dizzy a thousand trills
gazing up to the blue sky
whirling and divin...

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Just bewildered by the mess that is Brexit so I wrote a poem on how I view this total travesty..Enjoy"




People dictating whats left is right
but right is wrong
swimming through diction and sentences so long
revolving crisply in notes of a sombre day
wrapped in a blanket of answers
that we hear them say
fighting for a righteous effigy of a broken hope
splayed wide as we...

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Brexit government Britain


A little poem but late for Halloween" Anyways how I feel sometimes when the darkness draws in!



The night that little slice of fear

darkness claws out as paranoia draws near

shivers like needles under my skin

images of ancient an evil resides within

my heart is pounding as I strain to see

shadows cascade ebbing and flowing then cease to be

I ask myself is someone ...

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Sanity or calamity?

Ok been ill very badly this time so contending with everyday life has been a struggle but a little spark came through today and I was able to write a poem take from it what you will I just feel the lower eshcellon of people in this world  throw away an opportunity to make change in a positive way.


Sanity or calamity?




Knowledge is the key like paper from the wood of a tree


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Hey guys had a bad few days but hey ho thats mental illness have been trying to decide which poem to put up and stumbled upon this one about how I question my lifes worth and how I want my children to look at life different to the way I do.



Why did you give me life for I am going to die

I see my children's youth through a tear filled eye

I see innocence and hope an unspoi...

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The rift

I am trying to tell a story of regret of a broken relationship.



The rift


What happened did we drift apart

Our love is scattered with a broken heart

how did it arise when did it change

our tokens of love now are estranged

did we stop trying Has our love died

when did our closeness become untied

I stare at a stranger where a soul mate once stood

a betrayal r...

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Ok this is a difficult subject for me..When I first became mentally ill I was untreated by doctors. I didn't understand what was wrong with me so I began self medicating with painkillers and  I became addicted I wasn't sure about putting this poem up but maybe it will give insight to others..



I need that feeling

like floating on the ceiling

that warm fuzz inside


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Garden hopping

When younger I had a best mate who died a senseless death but while he was alive he was a mischevious devil!! We got into all sorts of scrapes this is about an adventure we had and my first endeavour into something called garden hopping a parkour of sorts!!


Garden hopping



You race ahead of me

diving over the fence

I chase from behind

thrilled at the suspense

my eye...

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I love collecting things be it figures or transformers films or comics..Anything that takes me back to those golden years of actually having an imagination where an inanimate piece of plastic could take on the world and the universe beyond!!


Something so new with that new item smell

a sensory experience of which I know well

the excitement the colours the tactile feel

I pi...

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Mirrors eye

A reflection of a state of mind.....


Mirrors eye

Mirror mirror what do I see

reflection of a dead man looking at me

eyes as black as a lump of coal

skin so grey like I have no soul

people tell me that I look well

the mirror says different as I gaze into hell

so mirror mirror why do you lie

make me feel bad as I focus my eyes

I stare at the mirror a stranger I spy


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One of things I suffer with is recurring nightmares..I have done two poems about this subject. I feel this one was clearest to my recollection.



I close my eyes

chanting fills my mind

I feel a chill inside

branches edge up my thighs

thorns encircle my arms

I breathe to keep my calm

I see the creature with black hair

female in stature with her white eyed sta...

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A short poem today about the beauty of loving someone .



I gaze out and see you

warmth fills my body

starting at my centre then radiating out

my mind swims in joy

you are my angel, my core, my being

as you arrive I am whole

my goddess my shield

you are everything..

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This is another of my poems I cared for my Grandad for 3 yrs then he passed away it affected me deeply so I wrote this.




I think back on the stories you told

sitting with you Watching you growing old

I wept over you wasting away

year after year then day after day

those mirrors in front of you

reflecting your fate

like a home shot movie

showing deaths clo...

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Leader of men

A poem of how I wish the world would be.


Leader of men


Nostalgic or prophetic

hindsight or foresight

blinded or open minded

sick and tired or mad and wired

we all have the capability

we all have the responsibility

to look out for our own destiny

to capture the reigns of possibilities

to forge out and spread our wings

to own and not be owned by things


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Demon demon

This is a poem about darkness and things that dwell in those places.


Demon, demon



Demon demon what is your name

what do you want? what is your game?

why do you follow me and cause me pain?

you have taken my family and drove me insane

all the torture and voices inside

never to be seen but I know where you hide

where did you come from? Why do you scoff?

My h...

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A break in the calm

A dry throat

a shaky leg

pains in my arm

cannot swallow

a lump in my throat

playing with the zipper

on my tattered old coat

people buzzing around

a friend in the ear

things will be okay

terror is rising

a sweat covered fear

clammy hands rubbing together

will this go or is it forever

home now home

you can make it dizzy

inside can you take this


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