The thief of life stole furtively onto the dance floor. 

And danced his dance of death.

Which became a dance of life.

A vast ballroom full of balls.

Spinning and backdrops showing the soul.

fearlessly stacked on high kicking legs.

Singing blossoming ballads of beauty.

The fight back shouts choruses of courage.

And sambas of selfless serenity.

Mohamed and Jesus pogoed for peace.

Turn the noise up demanded the police.

Fuck you thief posed the punks of pride

We rock and we roll saffron monks decried.

I and I want bad boi armageddon 

fe babylon of raasclot cancer.

Skanked the reggae rasta rockers.

While “we are the mods” put flight to the mockers.

Rolling with Brahma and karma.

The ballroom throbbed with the music.

Of every nation, colour and creed. 

◄ Cancer

Surfing the sky ►


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