I Was barely 14 when I heard on the radio that

‘Johnny was in the basement, cooking up the medicine’.

The recipe for whatever this revolutionary potion was,

must exist somewhere, so I made it my business

to find out more. What exactly did the ingredients consist of ?

Various listening’s divulged snippets of information which,

over a period of several weeks I was able to decipher.

Bear in mind this was radical stuff; no one had ever made music

or written lyrical verse like this before. Ever!

This was no ‘Rock-a-day-Johnny’ singing,

‘Tell your ma, tell your pa, our loves a gonna grow, wild one!’

The future of popular music was about to take a new direction,

and before long, I too would be ‘standing on the pavement,

thinking about the government’.

So, what was this foreign sound to my ear?

And what, in the B.B.Cs. own inimitable way

Of marginalising youth, [having force fed the nation

on Dickie Valentine and Victor Sylvester], did this mean exactly?

The question only served to intrigue and invite me to wonder if

After ‘20 years of schooling, they’d put me on the day shift’.

This was not mop-top madness for the masses. This was cerebral,

Intellectual chaos, another language tapping into a habit not yet formed,

but still requiring another fix whenever this transatlantic troubadour

came over the airways.

Genius was unleashed the day I heard Subterranean Homesick Blues

And my education; in fact, liberation had begun. There would be

No direction home.




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Sat 30th Mar 2019 18:12

What a great two lines at the end--like a man with no country.


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Stu Buck

Sat 30th Mar 2019 17:55

great stuff. though i missed the heyday of dylan by about 30 years i had a brilliant musical upbringing thanks to various family members and BoB, BOTT etc were on the record player often.

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