holy frac
would you look at that
mother has cracks
in her back
she's being raped
for gasses that escape
fresh water being removed
to never again be used
makes her shake and quake
causing droughts as we bake
lava flows...sink holes
cars being swallowed
have marbellous countertops
so others ooh and awe
destroying the planet
taking her for granite
giving earth a hysterectomy
for an ego feed
treat the economy
like a living entity
created a monster
that's devouring mother earth
taking her for all she's worth
headed to doom
for economic boom
stealing her sand
shifting scape of the land
killing lions of the sea
so we can have the salmon they eat
ugly deeds
to fill our greed
for wants not needs
using beauty beads
for our vanities
soon you and me
won't be able to breathe
leave behind tales
how we killed the whales
plastic in their bellies
a shameful legacy
on mother we are merciless
consequences enormous
should stand before her humbled
instead we shrug as she crumbles
we're on the brink
of being eco extinct
why does it hurt
because each and every one of us are mother earth


planet earth




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