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Everything I've ever touched- seems to wilt away, It seems as if tomorrow- were really yesterday. Flashbacks on fantasies- and secret dreams of you, Are locked up and kept away- because they are rare and few. But as I draw closer- to the answers that I seek, I notice my world is gray- and that my heart is weak. Everything I've ever done- has all been done in vain, I know what I've become now- a survivor in the game. I try to imagine what it'd be like- if I fixed it in the past, It doesn't really matter now- because nothing is meant to last. But everything I've ever touched- seems somehow to decay, And everything that was beautiful- now just fades away. Suspended in the echoes- of your softly spoken voice, Entertained by the notion- of another drastic choice. Haunted by the shadows- of a distant memory, Ashamed of who I am- and who I'll ever be!



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James Fiske

Tue 26th Mar 2019 23:39

Thank you..

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