Beyond the World of Thachi

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Conspiracy theories by design,

Or elements of grapvine,

Bewitched deep to entwine…

Was it true that I witnessed?

I asked myself and expressed.


Familiar faces usually looked vivid,

This is a confession and purely candid,

Although on most counts I have been timid.

Metamorphosis just between the time,

One way what I experienced was sublime.


Should I say this was an art or style?

And the lips expressed in a little smile,

Tempting to think for a while…

The girl that was, became a woman,

Understand if you can this good omen.


Reminiscent of an epoch behind,

When the eyes were out for a find,

Loaded with a mammoth task on mind.

This new depiction is so much close,

That a fresh reverie with a thought arose.


Defying thoughts, defying the gravity,

I focused on the complete brevity,

Leaving unattended the void, the cavity.

The illusion kept oscillating however,

Perhaps some illusions are forgotten never.


At one moment, the heart felt to talk…

The mind snaped, better take the walk,

Another moment eyes dimmed into dark.

The thin air needs not to be disturbed,

Let the breeze flow not curbed.


Theories have limitations and limits too,

Some die a slow death and that’s so true,

These features are rarely a clue.

Pure anticipation of a thinking matter,

Shuttling between ideal and idle chatter.


Whatsoever, the gracious phenomena was felt…

In the lap of time, it beautifully had dwelt,

Fragrance so aromatic the way it was smelt…

The cute looking image stays trapped in eyes,

Every other beauty around it totally defies.

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