Cosmic Cause


"I think that one must be in love with me"
said portly Earth of dazzling Sun
"Every morning that brazen face appears
and I believe watches me 
all through every day"

"I'm sure this one must be in love with me"
said portly Earth of mysterious Moon
"I've woke to find this shy one 
loom over me as I lay- 
any closer and merge we must"

At the time agreed 
dazzling met mysterious, Sun met Moon
for the blissful eclipse.
Portly Earth, set in the shade,
shivering & awed
"So blossoms on an epic scale..."
poor Earth, humbled & forlorn 
"...a love I'd learn."

Through a profound gravity
holding little people -would be comets-
jealously close, Earth moves to conscript them 
for the cosmic cause
"As above, so below"


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 25th Mar 2019 09:25

Intriguing - to set alight (satellite?) the imagination.

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