Why Haven't We Been Invited To Our Neighbour's Sex Party?

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Why Haven't We Been Invited To Our Neighbour's Sex Party?


Someone asked me if key parties were still running.  Unfortunately I can't direct you to any current 'happenings' for those who may be interested.  Sorry


My sweet what's all that groaning

Coming from next door?

It sounds like a sex party dear

Going at full bore


Why is it that we haven't

Yet been asked to join?

Do I hear some ritual

Joining of the loins?


Go and knock on front door dear

Say we'd like to join

Locking loins with everyone

Heads/tails, tossing coins




Bring your pills and condoms

Come and taste and see

If our scene appeals to you

Frolic he with she


A pinprick condom/faulty pill

Happened down the line

My sweet you've missed your monthly

Is it his or mine?


Don Matthews March 2019

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Don Matthews

Wed 6th Mar 2019 03:17

Nice to hear the sport's still alive John
Your joggers keeping ritual alive
When passing a patch of your heather
They can't resist down in to dive 😎

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John McDonough

Wed 6th Mar 2019 01:14

No Sex please Don, we're British
We're awfully squeamish and skittish
Except for our beloved doggers
Who willingly whip off their joggers
For a roll and grope in the heather
Irrespective of the cold or the weather

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Don Matthews

Tue 5th Mar 2019 13:26

They tell me that in UK
It's much too cold you see
To galavant round naked-like
At a sex party

This could explain why you lot
Are not free openly
You need to loosen up, let go
At a sex party

You'll find it cleans your inner self
(Make sure you're wearing condoms)
Cos if you don't take my advice
You could be facing problems 😎

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 5th Mar 2019 11:59

No wonder one of the most popular programmes from a certain part of the world has the title "Neighbours"!! 😍

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