Endangered Poets


Our purpose is to preserve

endangered and vanishing old poets

old poets are dying out

at an alarming rate

what's even more alarming

is that there is no federal protection

we need a preserve

off limits to so-called sportsmen

where we could be free to live out our lives

free from aerial hunting

there are only 25 old poets left in the wild

all non-breeding age.



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Thu 7th Mar 2019 14:50

A plea well made D. I don't think we'll be seeing The Poetry of Donald Trump anytime soon. No offence intended.


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Don Matthews

Thu 7th Mar 2019 14:46

dk are you suggesting a
Reserve that's woman-free?
Not sure how that would go down
With this still-virile me

Picture all the women
Poets wanting in
Drooling at the boundary
Getting high on vin

I'm mucking up your poem
Given Keith a boot
Think I should just drift away

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Don Matthews

Thu 7th Mar 2019 14:35

A great idea dk and Keith but Keith I think you had better beg forgiveness from above. He is the 'Great Poet in the Sky'. No way is he going to cater you with bitters and picked eggs if you lower case him. 😎

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keith jeffries

Thu 7th Mar 2019 14:08

As an old poet approaching extinction I support the idea of a reserve in a place of tranquility where we can hang up our pens as we are called by the great poet in the sky to a place of eternal verse. However, in the meantime I would appreciate that the reserve has a constant supply of best bitter and pickled eggs with potato crisps for purposes of inspiration.

A good idea

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