A Woman Without Her Man

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For IWD 2019 let's consider the following:


"A woman ...


            ... without her man ...


                        ... is less than nothing"


At first sight the words appear as chauvinistic text

But without proper punctuation, they lack conviction and context


Let's make a simple change to strike #BalanceForBetter

By punctuating the spaces between the words and letters


Add a colon here, a comma there and the macho huffing and puffing

Becomes ...

"A Woman:

                            without her,

                                    man is less than nothing"




#BalanceForBetterInternational Womens DayIWD

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Fri 8th Mar 2019 15:30

Big fan of this, reminds me of the book 'eats, shoots & leaves' about the murderous Panda, punctuation is important.
What a great contribution for international womans day!

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