Recruitment Office 1979

I don’t know 

How about that

I think you are

A bit of a twat

Ive lived a life

Ive lost some words

Grandma cooked

Lemon curds

She’d been bombed

Id been conned

Into the same

No one to blame

Oh wait

Yes there is

Her lemon curds

And mince pies

Meant more then

Their lies

That she learnt

In a blackout

I didn’t learn

In an office

With a shining 


And an easy test.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 3rd Mar 2019 05:56

Good morning Phil,

I appreciate the way in which you portray how we all have to make our own mistakes no matter what others may advice us, we are all lied to or guilty of lying to ourselves at some point.

My recruiting officer was a Colour Sergeant from the Scots Guards, never forgotten him.

I had a few friends ended up working in recruitment offices, a Military career can be a fine thing but I never could have been responsible for encouraging other youngsters to take the step, far too life altering. That said I would neither encourage or discourage, simply suggest a great deal of thought be given prior to taking the shilling.


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