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The Things We Don't Talk About

How do you know where a story lies
Seems like newspapers fall like flies
Telling people all those lies
Bout blacks Hispanics Asians
What the fuck is this creation
I don’t know what you’ve been told!
This shits getting pretty old!
Tell me once more bout the tragedy
Bout the killing of the kennedys 
How it’s all the same old story
Tell me why we’re still ignoring
Home grown Americans
Let me see you stutter again
About how it’s all them damn black men
When white folks take up guns and throw down 
Children on their own stinking playground 
Tell me how it’s all Hispanics
Causing all this border panic
Just for wanting better boons 
Just sit there and think for one second sans your silver spoon
Drug wars 
Span years
Who do we think is getting better here?
With “war” “corruption”, racist fear?
If you look at a black face
And can’t find a space
For them to create
Their own damn estate
In society’s bullshit
God I’m so sick of it.
Tell me why pigmentation 
Is a cause for separation.
Tell me why but make it quick
White Johnny Teen’s on top of it,
Making bombs and selling stories
Telling people they’ll be more holy
If they can pull the trigger
On a lowlife simple « nigger »
Why the hell aren’t we talking about that. 
Why the hell is that old hat?!
Tell me why on welfare occasions 
Brown faces are more common than caucasians 
Tell me why our skin is different
I’ll show you how much the heart isn’t.
White, brown, black,
Maybe someday the fear of attack
Will subside
Can I get a “seriously, why?!”
Jesus says “love one another,
As I have loved you”
Well I can see what your thoughts are
On that point of view.

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