That Yellow Attire

Quiet she was from the bottom of her heart,

I never knew what she hid inside…

I made a fool of self on my part,

Just being a manager and may be a guide,

She was the girl who I took a girl always…

Not knowing there was a woman in her.

All the years I knew her she had her own ways,

And on her own benchmarks she did deliver….

I dared not to touch upon her ever nor even ask,

Mira! Is there a life beyond your regular task.


She would deal with routine like an unknown,

Leaving not even a single attribute…

Perhaps that’s how she had grown,

And that’s the way she loved to contribute.

I did focus my energy on other life things,

And let her do the way she was,

Independence completely to her wings,

There was no if, but, else or because.

Mira was no ordinary but ordinary yet,

But there was more to her and that I can bet.


Dressed in yellow that day with a brush of smile,

I saw her in the morning and I went into shock,

The tulip had become a flower although fragile,

But I witnessed on my heart door a thorough knock.

Metamorphosis over night, I did assess

From a girl into a woman, I was awe-struck…

She looked perfect on all accounts in that yellow dress,

And all those who witnessed her shared a good luck.

I don’t know but presume that mirror had attested her,

Grabbing eye of every man, she smartly had tested her.


She looked like a lotus sprouted perfecting the deer woman

Her eyes charged with intoxication she did pierce,

Her lips inviting like a betel nut chewed, and then

Her facial halo so gentle yet fierce.

Tenderness of her skin grown she had turned admirable,

Knocking the senses of a man, the conch shell shaped,

She let that day stuck in my memory like a facet memorable,

A woman discovered or another woman simply aped.

Mira was no Mira again but a transformed one,

She had left my emotions & desires repeatedly done & undone.


Mira, as I refer her always for her sacred and pious composition,

But that day for a moment I derailed

I imagined her and loved that imposition…

As a commoner I had gained and as a manager I had failed.

Confessions if are to be believed then it’s the truth,

Addicted to Mira’s charm and womanhood,

Captivated by her sensual fragrance and chiseled youth,

Mira had left me in dream sequences, naughtily very good.

Mira intoxicated my senses and she dwelt in my mind,

I see Mira always when I turn my eyes blind.


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