About losing

Here I am losing, 


The moment I naively denied, 


You said you don't want to see, 

more of me.

The words you typed, 

should set me free. 


I only feel deep pain. 


Should have known...


But I didn't see, 

just adore. 

Wasn't able to recognize, 

how fucked up you really are.

Memoring is the worst, 

when did we get this far?


Only feel deep pain. 


I would take every, 


I would erease all my, 


I can not hide,

still want you by my side. 

Even though I know, 

it costs me every bit of pride. 


Feel deep pain.


I am young mostly, 


Willing to take the, 


I never complained but I should, 

about your mood. 

Now I find in myself for soul, 

an only food: 


Deep pain. 




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