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JD Russell

Updated: Sun, 18 Feb 2024 06:40 pm




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JD has been writing for some years, finally publishing his first anthology Blue Eyes through Black Mascara. His second book 'Ramblings' is due out in June 2023, also he has contributed to some Canadian and US magazines. He has visited many places, such as Zambia, Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, for either work or leisure, which inspired his writing. His poetry is mainly narrative, with a beginning, middle and often an unexpected ending. Semi-retirement has invigorated his work, and he is now writing poetry, children's picture books and travel reviews.s His book, Blue Eyes through Black Mascara, is a legacy to his grandchildren. Hopefully, they will understand his motivations, passions and quirkiness. He is a fan of lots of writers, from Stevie Smith, Betjeman, Duffy and Shakespeare, from the classical to the romantic to the modern. He is not a great lover of the Avant-Garde in any art form. The pretentious nature of some pieces is not enjoyable, although publishers and critics relish the stuff. JD Russell is his pen name. He believes it adds gravitas (maybe, maybe not). Write Out Loud has been a great catalyst for creation with so many fine writers who inspire him to do better work and also to entertain those reading his efforts. Thank you to every poet on WOL /


Doubt Why do heroes die so quietly? When cowards scream and shout. Why do believers seem so assured? When I'm in so much doubt.


A late summer afternoon stroll. John Clare inspired The byway, like an arrow, shoots the fallow field. Hugging the hedgerow, I head for the Hawthorn tree Climbing the style steps, I stop and stare beyond An arena of wheat, wafting and waving before me. From my vantage point, I view a pending dispute, Seasons seemingly shifting, without fanfare or frill, The summer sun once offered warmth, welcomed, Giving way to unsolicited autumnal cold and chill "Hasten home, young man, hasten home," I'll take my leave. I dare not tarry, "Hasten home, young man, hasten home," Before autumn leaves, harass then harry.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 18th Sep 2023 16:17

Russell thank you for your kind comments on my poetry, We all write in different ways. My mantra is to try my hardest not to waste a single word!. Good luck with your poetry and keep going!

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Sat 8th Jul 2023 22:35

thank you so much for your kind comments on my writing!!!!! i truly appreciate it

<Deleted User> (33000)

Fri 1st Apr 2022 13:54

Merci re- ' Comes infinitum '

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