The tracks

Sitting by the window, she looked out and somewhere, look beyond. Life has been fair to her in more ways than one. She has been blessed with a good health, family in the prime of her profession yet a deep longing throbbed in her heart. An unquenchable thirst.....
The distant sound of a train echoed and her back from her reverie.. 
Like the two parallel tracks,they both were together Yet distant..... Never to meet. But today it felt different.. State of unrest get a sweet anticipation.. Her thoughts went racing back to the time they had met. There was an instant connection and both felt the intensity of it, so much that it was overwhelming. She felt her whole existence somewhat fading away with it.
The clock struck one.. It was time to pick up herself and bring her back to the reality.
There was a Knock at the door. She open the door to find herself gaping in amazement face she could never forget, those laughing lines, that slightly crooked nose and that smile. All that was too familiar. She almost finished herself to realise that this was not a conjured up image.
There was silence and stillness as if words would fail to capture that moment the exchanged glances and knew what they felt for each other. After the niceties, there was not much to say, to hear, to narrate. It was more of being with in the moment. They had drifted apart and not heard from each other for several years.
Life offered both of them there share of joys and sorrows. He came back in town today and through a common friend found her address. What mattered was the both came together again. Nothing was promised but an invisible Bond existed for both.
Then they parted with no hope given to meet again.
She went back to the window and looked outside and deep within. The longing was gone and a smile penetrating her soul came upon her face ...Yes the chores need to be taken care of.Lunch to be made and life has to go on. Somewhere in distance the train rushed by echoes of its sound fading away.....



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