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Non_violence to  

Thursday,28th February 2019


Mahatma Gandhi won  independence  

from the foreign yoke not by chance

but by true non-violence

and adopting it self 


Even though Britishers were merchants

they were law abiders and not fanatics

they had the rule of law and an old tradition

that made them bend on the public opinion


What has emerged today?

the religion based fanatism has found the way

to let thousands perish for this struggle 

but we should compel the people to die


Neither non-violence may not work here

or any persuasive words may find favor

the people want to go stone age

where such concept may seem out of an age 


you are right

if there is no option to fight 

one should not be carried away by morality

and every step must be taken to hold the integrity of the country


Hasmukh Mehta


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