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Death Of Joy

Every time you look at me

You make me shiver  

Not in joy but in pain

Like suicidal impulses


Before the ages of God

Before the invent of clothes

Stars were brighter

We were the happiest


There was no word in between

Nor any sentence to form

Only a touch was enough

To feel each other within


Now the laws and the oaths

Rule the hearts and the mi...

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Children Of Paradise

This night with you and me

The pale moon

Besides the overtaking clouds

And the occasional drizzles

Here and there...


Our memories distant

And Closed

Even with the shadows of hope

And despair within our little fights

Like the children of Paradise


Time had played with us

Or we had spoiled it…

Yet tonight I can see you there

Alone with my memories


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love sonnethope

Buried Within…

The invisible truth and

The voiceless words

Both are pertinent …still today


There was no escape route

Nor there will be one any day

Still I’m with your memories


Maybe not so memorable

Like the penned down words

Of the love poems


Or like the melancholic lovers

With the old photographs

Torn, yet not faded out completely


Mine was not so with...

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loversmodern liferomance

Beyond The Oasis

Trapped into the forlorn steps

Without much hope or even despair

In the middle of the desert


Only the skies beyond the sky

Or deserts beyond the desert

Space and eternity- mingled


Time has little or no value

Only day and night

Without any plurality


Only the singularity reigns

Over the modern history

Dictating terms and conditions


In th...

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politicalreal lifeworld

Between Insanity And Hope

Still I can smell her perfumes

Different with the changes of her moods

Like the changing shades of her looks

With different stories in between


Still I can see her dancing

With arms clinging around her lovers

Steps in and steps out in rhythm

With different scripts in between


Still I can hear her words

Decorated nicely like fairytales

Driving the lovers c...

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love poemsSadeness

Before The Revolution

Angry nights of solitude

Blank faces of nightmares

Voiceless pain of memories

Everything is so crucial


Everything is so fine tuned

With each others like the

Ecosystem in and around

All are in perfect harmony


And I alone lonely along with my

Broken dreams and failed desires

Fractured faiths and buried beliefs,

Like the hermits walking on


Time h...

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Back To Square One

So I have borrowed few words

No, not from the dictionary of civilization

Yet civilized enough in their own terms


At first they observed my intentions

Diving deep into my desires and design

Perhaps to measure my honesty or hypocrisy


The day was bright as usual like our lies

Everywhere the newspapers were shouting

As much as they have been instructed



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Almost Like The Fairytales …..

Beyond the stellar rays of mutual hopes

We knew each other well just like

The monsoon clouds and the rain drops

Sailing over the sky during heavy downpours


Days were like the fulfillment of dreams

With our mutual touches beyond limbs

All our words were jubilant in listening

Each other’s syllable sailing around


All our peaceful melodies lyrical passions

Like t...

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After The Holocaust

Here I am,

The last man survived

Nobody left to console

None to share the pain

The only fool to withstand

The holocaust


It is raining since

The last bullet fired

Perhaps to wash out

Human sins

Till a single drop of

Dead blood remains


Feeling ashamed

Of all the memories

Feeling guilty

Of human legacy

Feeling relieved

From war a...

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war poetrydeathholocaust

The Words

in the end everything seemed

to be superfluous,

our whims, our worries,

our everyday words

whirling in between

the four corners of any statutory affairs


in the end everything was

so predictable like the unfolding

of any well rehearsed drama

that our words became silent

like the tired desert

after the longest day of the year


in the end everything pushed


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The Reflections

Behind the shadows some familiar faces

Like failed hypothesis- unclassified.

Reminds me of my predecessors, their

Un holy nexus with the alchemists.


Every night drenched in obnoxious

Dreams before and after midnights

I try to figure out my schemes in deep

Secrets. To overrule the destiny.


Our reflections to exhibit our might and

The supremacy all over the histo...

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real life

The Dark Passages

Sleepless nights and the

Monsoon rain, drops after drops

Sharing little secrets besides

Greenwood trees. All alone!


I, like the other homo sapiens

Behind the closed doors with

Abandoned theories of truth

In conversation with myself.


Under all the hidden floors

History with frozen steps

May start its own story

Hushed and covered up!


The obvious is ...

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The Birth


I am the only one, all alone

With none to be substituted.

I am the solace of the sufferers

Everywhere around everything.


I know the secret numbers

To unlock the mind.

I know the dark chamber

Of the soul in eternity.


I overwhelmed the waves of

Our history, surviving along

The time scale of nuisance

Standing erect over the debris


Of beliefs fro...

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world creationlife moves onhistory

In Love In Angst

Whoever wants to die before his time-

Is not in love. How can it be so true

For someone who has seen


Both sides of the coin from the same distance!

War and peace, no matter -

You can’t afford to be slipped over.


So much to feel within, so much to feel

For, so much to feel genuine.

Yet you look for the end in itself?


Deep intimate theories invading


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Fragments Of Suffering

She had been suffering,

The broken relationships

under the cracked memoirs

Bones almost plundered

With the fearful hopes,

anxious, doubtful all the way


So I slowed down a little bit,

With fragments of kisses

With delicate touches

of makeover trials

With the letters denote

something like love or etc.


Smell of nights,

music of movements


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sadnesslove sonnet

Fragments Of Revolution!

like the dark side of the moon

i wished your attention.

alone but not fragile!

doomed but not hopeless!

casual but not reluctant!


reciting- warfare to adulteries;

preaching- peace treaty to abortions;

teasing- prophet to pauper;

you kept me  waiting.

authentication of truth is not valid

like your mascara and false eyelashes any more.

but leaflets of secre...

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revolutionworldlife's reflection

Flashbacks Of The Scene

It was not the midnight drill,

Nor any dream necked in blue.

People may cover their own defense,

When night becomes true.


Not all the vulgar words are obscene,

Nor any love indecent in color.

People may rewrite the history,

When time becomes bipolar.


Words can draw us fool,

Or make us wise, in mind.

But only for the flashbacks

We remain prophets, not bl...

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Dreams Die Fast

And at last the indomitable world was unfolding

In my palm.

All the skies were merging

Into my blue.

All the seas drowned

Into my passions.

All the stars melted

In my vein.

And then I had recruited Time.

To keep the show rolling.


In our everyday meeting

We discussed how to form

The blood the red one!

I told the primordial atom

To diffuse every pain in...

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worldmodern lifePower

Down Memory Lane

within the range of your eyes

with the residue of love

like the mist descending

in your heart:

-is my walk!

and still I’m walking

with the lonely steps

of every single person on earth.

-from down memory lane......


is love haunted always by betrayal?

like dusk masking the sky?

or we make the error to fathom

each other's terror?

decide to cover up the past


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love sonnetpoetry

Back To The Essentials

Back to the days of the first encounters,

Back to the pictures with the zoom effects in full

Back to the first names hanging from those innocent lips

Back when the earth was singing with the full moon


With each glances under the whispers of hearts

With each letters of innocent beliefs like the dawn

With each stroke of dreams under the stars of the Milky Way

With all...

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modern lifeworldgreed

The Deceiver

after the end

before the beginning....

underneath the lies

over the pain....

with the belief

against the fact....

behind the mask

opening the veils....

in-between time

and eternity....

our sun drops the shadows of the words;

penned down by prophets and poets!

saints and leaders!


and singing with the chorus....

flowing with the chords;

when we decei...

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political poemreal lifeshort poem

The Deep Secret

she was talking in undertone

like the old hermits of the

Buddhist Monastery


not to prove any algorithm

or to put forward hypothesis

of social revolution


she was there with her

gentle smile and her bare arms

moving like gentle breeze


not like the smiling  bureaucrats

shaking the cold hands

before the secret deals


she was looking around


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worldreal lifesadnesshopedreams

Waiting For The Last Ritual

The rain with its cosmic eyes

Keeps knocking at the windowpane

Trembling with each steps

With all her secrets in every drop, one by one.


The evening was waiting for the

Magical secret manuscripts

For her readers. It was dark like prison cells.

Waiting in a row for the final sentence.


The room was empty with the silence

Of the graveyard, exce...

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love sonnetromantic poetryend of life

When We Dance Together

During the monsoon, all my raindrops drag me

Towards the fast lane of memories.

Taking with all the skies and the stretched blues.

Feeling not like the dead warriors

But the first saint under the young sun.

One day when we were dancing together

Hovering on the untold secrets of the battle fields

All the dead pawns of world history

From the past to the present

Mimicked us...

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love sonnet

Sniffing Around

The husbands

Of the divorced women

Drinking and watching the girls

Sitting with their dates

With legs apart in short skirts


Evenings of the lonely men

Strolling behind lazy women

Watching the rhythm of the buttocks…

Often narrate the same story again

And again, without any pause


The husbands, lonely or alone

With or without glasses in hands

Remain dru...

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love and sexpainpassion and sadness

After The Fifteenth Step…


Watching the full moon

Coming out of the monsoon cloud

-In the middle of the lonely night


After the downpour

The sky seems to be smiling

Like her eyes


Shining bright and vivid

In our midnight paradise

Her eyes; brimming over in ecstasy


These sleepless nights

Bring her memories back

Not in pain nor in consolation


I can still count her ste...

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love sonnetgriefstricken

Chronicle Of Love

She had been suffering,

The broken relationships under the cracked memoirs

Bones almost plundered

With the fearful hopes, anxious, doubtful all the way


So I slowed down a little bit,

With fragments of kisses

With delicate touches of makeover trials

With the letters denote something like love or etc.


Smell of nights, music of movements

Written poems underneath


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Alone With My Loneliness

During the periods of stipulated flashbacks

Memories may not always be smooth or soothing

The pages of the wary calendars

Under the color of my melancholy ink

May not forget nor forgive the pain

Yet I would love to be alone again.


My heart will never burst into laughter

Nor will cry in rain

Flashbacks of the scenes may not survive

With all the clocks in my hand,


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love poetry

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