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After The Fifteenth Step…


Watching the full moon

Coming out of the monsoon cloud

-In the middle of the lonely night


After the downpour

The sky seems to be smiling

Like her eyes


Shining bright and vivid

In our midnight paradise

Her eyes; brimming over in ecstasy


These sleepless nights

Bring her memories back

Not in pain nor in consolation


I can still count her ste...

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griefstrickenlove sonnet

Chronicle Of Love

She had been suffering,

The broken relationships under the cracked memoirs

Bones almost plundered

With the fearful hopes, anxious, doubtful all the way


So I slowed down a little bit,

With fragments of kisses

With delicate touches of makeover trials

With the letters denote something like love or etc.


Smell of nights, music of movements

Written poems underneath


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Alone With My Loneliness

During the periods of stipulated flashbacks

Memories may not always be smooth or soothing

The pages of the wary calendars

Under the color of my melancholy ink

May not forget nor forgive the pain

Yet I would love to be alone again.


My heart will never burst into laughter

Nor will cry in rain

Flashbacks of the scenes may not survive

With all the clocks in my hand,


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love poetry

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