it is all bleak broken; half-hell-heard House, blight blasted, a

sound spoke maelstrom where we see no substance swirling over heads

and hearts unheard - untending - unending obstacles to speech where

he, bright-tied bright-eyed, oversees the game's communication farce fail

debate: debate dire-drowning in the noise.





it is all blame blighted; wrong-rung-rigid replay, as rock-like she

sole stands alone amongst the chaos seeing nothing but her words -

proud-pausing as the waves break over her - continuing untouched,

besieged, unhearing ... she clinging to the wrecking rock of her policy,

speaks: speaks sure-certain of her plan.





it is all bleak broken; dark-dire-demoted democracy, feebly frail, the

House is now not even half-heard, we see its accountability discounted -

scorned - she says she stands for the people against the House; but caught

between required delivery and a denied third vote must fair find passage -

should: can one man control that dire destiny dream?



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