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Let me be and let me go, let me see all there is to know. Let me dream beautiful dreams of you, and let me live a life that is true. Let my mind be pure of thought, and let this sorrow be forgot. Let all of those who I've brought pain, let them be free of the sad morning rain. Let the possibilities of the future weave what it will, and let love be placed in Hearts to fill. Let the sun shine foreve...

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Everything I've ever touched- seems to wilt away, It seems as if tomorrow- were really yesterday. Flashbacks on fantasies- and secret dreams of you, Are locked up and kept away- because they are rare and few. But as I draw closer- to the answers that I seek, I notice my world is gray- and that my heart is weak. Everything I've ever done- has all been done in vain, I know what I've become now- a su...

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