Adut Akech, Depression and Mental Heath

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Adut Akech, Depression and Mental Heath


Adut Akech Adelaide model

Is the biggest fashion superstar in the world

She just turned 19 here at Christmas

And waiting for her world to unfurl


Despite the famous smile she displays

Underneath she's in pain with depression

Like Robin Williams who suicided

Let's talk mental health, learn some lessons


She'd wake up each morning start crying

Put a smile on her face and pretend

That everything was fine with Adut Akech

Then cry some more at the day's end


Her plea is that if you do know one

Who is suffering from some mental pain

To be there for them in their dark days

And help bring some bright light and rain


As a bipolar I should (but I don't)

Suffer from depression like Adut

To me what's important is mental illness

Is brought out and discussed, not stay mute


Post Script


As long as we continue to distance ourselves

from understanding mental illness people

will continue to suicide


Don Matthews January 2019

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Don Matthews

Thu 14th Mar 2019 11:05

We often avoid discussing mental health because of fear, stigma or simply not knowing what to say. But this may make matters worse. Support from friends, family and health professionals plays a significant role in a loved one’s coping and recovery process. You can make a big difference through small gestures, like listening, keeping in touch and showing you care.

Many of us worry about saying the wrong thing to someone with a mental illness. Your friend or loved one may or may not want to discuss their mental health issues with you, but it’s important they know they don’t have to avoid the subject.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Thu 14th Mar 2019 09:58


A very serious poem - about a very serious subject.

I wonder how many gifted people are consumed by depression? we applaud their gifts but do not understand the cost to them.

Yes! bring it all out into the open and we may find that, so called normality, is not the norm.
Maybe all of us have peculiarities that we do not talk about. Why? because we do not want to be seen as different, but we are different from each other and every one of us is unique. Do we all want to be clones of each other?

Mental health , as far as i know, is no longer mocked but is still misunderstood and there is only one way to rectify this and your poem Don has set the wheels in motion.

Ayres Rock is still a rock to be reckoned with.


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keith jeffries

Thu 14th Mar 2019 09:54


Well said. I think we all to some degree have mental health issues which manifest themselves differently and are coped with in likewise manner. It is an inner inexplicable struggle which needs to be acknowledged so that others can come alongside to show love and support. Suicide is the last cry so we must be aware of the first cry before tragedy strikes.

Thank you for this


Kate G

Thu 14th Mar 2019 09:39

Hi Don, my own sibling has had numerous mental health admissions over the years, and I am so proud of her, and grateful for every day she has chosen to stay with us, in spite of her unbearable pain. I've had my own battle in recent years and now recognise and understand what she has spent her life fighting against. Big hugs for speaking up on one of the biggest issues of our time.

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