You damned it

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You damned it

Thursday,14th March 2019


My eyes opened slowly

my body was in pain and ached fully

I was fully drunk and lying on the earth

just staring at the sky and waiting for death


'You damned it " something went into my ears

I tried to see around and was gripped with fears

somebody was trying to drag me away

I gathered the strength and tried to stay awake


"One more chance" I was pleading

and consciously reading

"Ok. granted but show some improvement"

with subconsciousness in action, I realized the moment


What was I doing for so many years?

what the people were using words in ears?

I could gather now their annoyance

"No, no, I shall prove my innocence


that was the thing needed in life

I thought of a simple wife

who could take me to the heavenly atmosphere

I closed the eyes and knell down before


Hasmukh Mehta


◄ Peace

Illusion since long ►


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