The black may come and go 
but it is us who own our souls 
and the light of the sky 
guides all under the blue 
by which the trees grow 
and the ocean flows 
it’s ok to be one alone 
it's ok to hold your own 
there is no endpoint 
in the paths we take 
to take away the empty place 
I lost myself but then how
I think I really didn't lose anything 
I wasn't meant 
and while all inside me 
is thrice broke then more 
I know 
I can still grow tall 
off and on 
the colour of the sky 
makes me feel alright 
sound of the bird waves 
washing gently ashore 
rivers running clear azure 
leaves turning in the air 
dancing lights in the night sky 
words that rhyme and chime 
like bells in houses 
lights with sound in.





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Deadwood ►


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