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No fuel

Here to see something more

I is bleak I used to care 

for me I don't know why

teeth rotting lost a war

gone forever too

csnt see you for the I

start again a dream

a thought of me

a man just 



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Will Ponder

The will ponder

to cross that line

the will prowess 

to force a feeling

The will patience 

to not end it all

the will pain

To not feel the heat

the will pride

to see your inside

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Little Hearts

Tears for you

Well in his eyes

Your reason clear

Things you hold dear

So small and sweet

Simple and honest

New minds are round

Their purpose profound 

All of his fears

Held to his chest

In a tiny hand

You cant understand 

Caring and cunning 

He will alway protect

Even in vain

Mommy’s pain








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He drags you in along to his worst

A friend you are but he’s your curse

He is I and you him we’re sown 

Together we keep depression our own

I love you and I know you me

Mistakes each other see

Matter not to us brothers

Emotions faded away

The hormones still there 

Can’t transmit today



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Reasons he had plenty

To not steal tomorrow 

As the night faded

Inhaled in the morning 

Was all but regret

He vowed to he’d be ready

But greed won again

The day after came

Still not tomorrow 




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Todays your day

Some extra joy

You will have fun

You’re my boy

Make a wish 

For your dad

To give him hope

To not be sad

Know he cares

Feel his love

In drops of rain

From above



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Fight a man that has to defend

a wild opponent driven to no end

Just leave it be

save one tragedy 

Valid reasons to keep the flow

Truth is the attack will grow

It’s hard to fight a damaged friend 

they will get back up until the end

Their end cannot be yours to choose 

The fight can only be yours to loose


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As will I

I’ve sunken to nothing it’s all on me

Selections I’ve made not on you i see

Yet truth be told with someone that lies

I’ve chosen to have revenge when you die

My boys will carry my burden to lift

It will drag them to the generational abyss

You will not regret leaving me alone

As there’s no feel that isn’t your own

Carry the weight of me on your shoulders

The rest of your ...

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Curls like a poodle and chuckles of friend

made us what we are

Two humans unsure where life should end

True chats seemed so far


Marched along dreaming of a home 

Common the desires of it to work

Harmed humiliated together alone

Community forgot or did we

Lose each other in self misery 


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They look at them and say its him

The man is off he holds the fault

The case he pleads carries with few

They listen to them he can’t win

They convey the man without a thought 

The man need only truth from time

The wrongs of his are for grieving 

They ignore the man left out to rot

A judge they say at the last breath 

Will allow him to hold some value

Will cast doubt o...

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Touch myself no one else

Cooked it black to throw it out 

Taste my despair it’s in the air

Gazed around no friends about

See my pain there not to gain

An awful stench flowed throughout 

Smell my fear it’s not here

Screamed my insight no doubt 

Hear my cry before I die

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The fading of days

Fall almost winter 

Dark sets in

Light never wins

Sad is a feeling

A time and a place

Feelings are odd

Hard to displace 

Thinking too much

Stuck in my bed

City lights glow

Joy to the season

And an all new low 


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Artists have character 

always looked up to

Well maybe that was true

community held you high

But never saw your heart

never knew the scars

A mind that wouldn’t jar

when a man needs a friend

when someone’s left alone

the eyes that wouldn’t cry

that try not to understand 

for better or worse Next to you

I have a heart of gold

A hook to hang a soul

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Rinse and Repeat

Today is the day

Will could show up

He’s always late

Crave change

Morning again

He never showed

Never even made it out

Can’t be dragged back in

Maybe tomorrow 


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Purely real is gone today

idea mirror past

A rag squeezed bone dry

Nothing more to imagine

Tales told once told 10 times

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Turned upside down 

flew away

Soulless eyes

Gobble beasts

Eat it up

Communal feasts

Gaze not to earth

Rise up today


Its okay

They won’t be filled


Your demise 

Is not for dinner


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Far to far to see 

is it real am I me

on a level of energy 

We might not be so unique 

Thoughts of things that have some weight 

Will always be what drives our fate

what is life what is stuff

the length of waves

flow through us

other beings in parallel 

Think the same

what the hell


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We are here on a screen 

So trivial





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Join in

A history is mute it’s wierd that way

I’ll tell the story anyway

Its starts with blame of a reasonable kind

Ends with guilt he’s no man of mine

Details are useless

No valid excuses 

What colour were his eyes

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Why a thought to what else

zero will rise there will be none

never stop when half is won

the pot sits there 

guarded by a walls

going in circles which spiral and fall

the man will win

it’s no contest

hope will haunt you it never rests



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Good at drinkin

spending cash

once was good for a laugh

went too far 

It was so much fun

But on to let down everyone 

It’s all good I’m still drunk now

The banks can’t get it anyhow

8s and 9s

Dragons 7

pandas kill

No money still



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Great places for the best

Belize, Nepal Budapest 

Travel here fly there

it makes you whole

They swears’

what about the rest of us

Washing dishes grinding rust

You recycle you have no waste

We don’t ruin the earth in haste

Dreams are better for us all




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All controlled

Theories trashed 

No matter

Dinner with friends

Jobs and chatter

Who’s at the helm

Pulling strings

Need everything 

Go vote it matters 

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Rain at sunset

makes most sense

Beauty hidden

often is

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 farewell began

 nothing found

Centre mind

blood flowed

pain lived

body alive

realize maybe

am I crazy


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it’s time for bed

tonight wasn’t fun

it was demanded

until now it was lazy or 

who cares they’re all true 

lying there will be easy

getting up will be fun too

I need a kick

the world is right there

they say

yet the invisible force holds me down through the day

its called being soft

see the excuses are weak

karma will call my future is bleak 


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Reverse Gear

Can’t write a word about world views

Misunderstanding social cues

why is it all about me

i can’t live without

there is no forgive

no inspired thought

nothing that makes any sense

this generation is just that

a bunch of lost hope

no care and no desire

to lean on intelligence 

to feel the brain

become more than it was

before waking today

im not one to judge ...

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In need

could use some help

I need money

i started a page

its called go fund me

just joking it’s not 

I don’t have a page

I’m fishing for complements 

would much prefer rage

sorry to bombard your blog

I’ve read a few poems of your logs

xoxoxoxo smiley face emoji 

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Man oh man

You guys are my freaking buds okay.

i thought about leaving here today

to get out of bed it was just glee

After 15hrs I really had to pee

i hopped right back in

smelly pillows best friends 

finally got up lurked around a bit 

said hey to addiction, took a hit



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On me

I’m on this site 
It’s wierd I get it
Some think it’s wrong
Do I care? I do 
I care because my intent
Was not to offended
Life is complex 
Not always about you 
Now that seems odd
It’s of course about me
Give it a rest
I’ll buy you a shot
It’s irish whisky 

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Not him

I’m not that guy

the one that composed 

the best poem or song 

didnt write it

to the logical route

was poor as can be

dad told me what I should be

i never believed him

i did it anyway 

became successful 

didnt make me happy

went for broke 

didnt give a shit

lost self respect

follow that hope

dont win or lose

money won’t matter

it didn’t to me


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Sitting here

There no lust love hatred

none of that 

just likes

comments are fishing

incentives skewed

living not with who lives next door

not even the loved one on the couch

we don’t know what’s up and what’s down

just the screen and the people behind it

that love what we meme

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I’m the worst

im the man

emotions held in the palm of my hand

shes so sweet and kind and nice

the lady

of course to know here she’s fake

she deals in grey, white clear and red

Black is not there

you can’t get in to that head 

I void of thought of opinion for me

only friends not in the tree

two boys filled with hope

lost a dad

he couldn’t live 

he could ove...

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Is it a choice 

was it of grand. Can someone watch us perform. 

It doesn’t make much difference 

here would still be

stuck in some warped thing

we don’t know so we strive 

we judge we compare

but I don’t I just fuck up and let everyone down

cant even write a poem

this is sad

We are all lost. 

Some people just pretend better


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