Cardinal Pell, Burn in Hell

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Cardinal Pell, Burn in Hell



Prisoners regard child sex abusers as lowest of the low.  Scum. Many have children of their own. Due to wide publicity he will not be able to come in under the guise of say a 'thief'.  Other prisoners will know or soon discover his crime.  Isolation will be for his own protection.  Despite this, Pell's time in prison will not be easy.


Our Father who art now in prison

Cardinal George Pell is Thy name

You sexually abused innocent choirboys

To the Catholic Church you brought great shame


Five charges in total laid against you

Unanimous guilty verdicts were given

Your lawyers have agreed that the judge now

Can only give a sentence of prison


In the Catholic Church you were the third

Most powerful Catholic person in the world

But your sins they have finally caught up with you

To the public they've now been revealed


Believe me I've done no wrongdoing

These things you say did not occur

These allegations are products of fantasy

You're firing at me nasty slurs”


You're lawyers said you were escorted

By other priests all of the time

And therefore impossible for choirboys

To slip by un-noticed for crime


(Argument did not work...)


First night in the jail you'll be strip-searched

A jumpsuit will replace your robes (ex)

High profile will place you in isolation

Your cell just identified as 'X'


From your cell you will walk same route daily

Under guard, to a small high-walled yard

For an hour's worth of exercise daily

Then back to your cell, under guard


Your cash flow will reduce to 140

Dollars a month for to spend

In the canteen and on monitored phone calls

Quite a monetary fall to descend


Morals: Beware your sins will find you out

No man is above the law


Don Matthews February 2019

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<Deleted User> (21487)

Fri 1st Mar 2019 10:11

I agree with Keith, the victims will never escape from their private prison.

I love the way this poem can be read to the 'tune' of the 'Pater Noster'
I much prefer your version.

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keith jeffries

Fri 1st Mar 2019 09:36


Well said especially the last two lines. They used their robes and power as camouflage for heinous crimes. They will now pay the price but sadly the victims are those who bear the scars.

Thank you for this


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