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She is Nature

She is the howling wind of a winter storm.


She is the crashing waves of the ocean shores.


She is the bright colors of the spring blooming flowers.


She is an entire army marching to defend that which they love


But she is also a window peirced by branch.


She is the sound a leaf makes as it falls to the ground


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I Miss You

I miss the hours we spent staying up talking way later than we should have. Knowing if our parents heard us we would be dead. I miss watching you laugh at the stupidest movies. I miss your voice calming me in the midst of an anxiety attack. I miss fighting over each other's coffee in the mornings after only getting three hours of sleep. I miss spending hours upon hours talking about our favorite t...

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I Think

Sometimes, I sit and think, I think about you. 


I think about your smile, and it gives me butterflies in my stomach


I think about the way you hold my hand, and it makes me smile ear to ear. 


I think about you, me, the good and the bad. 


I think about not seeing you every day, and my heart races and I struggle to breathe. 


I think about the possibility of you...

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I Wish

I wish I could tell you how my heart flutters

when you look at me.


I wish I could tell you how your smile

makes my heart race.


I wish I could tell you that any time spent with you

is my favorite part of the day.


I wish I could tell you that when I say "I love you",  I mean

I love you more than anyone could ever love someone else. 


So when I say I love yo...

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If There Were Words

If there were words to tell you how 

your smile brings me pure joy, 

I would use them to shout when you are far away. 


If there were words to tell you how

voice calms my panicked heart, 

I would use them to sing to you. 


If there were words to tell you how 

your eyes electrify my soul,

I would use them to whisper next to you.


And if there were words to tel...

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The small voices that travel with the wind 


They carry news, stories, and secrets.


Good and bad. Happy and sad. 


Ready to travel again.


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The Barn


Mountains behind, meadow below, it stood.
The chipped red paint. The falling rafters.
Love filled memories held inside from a child.
Seen by most as nothing but an old trashcan.

The two, sunrotten, collapsing front doors.
Falling from their hinges, coated with dirt.
The ladders inside, their shattered rungs.
Pushed down by the old, concaving roof

Footprints left by the many animals wh...

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There's nothing like it.

That rush of adrenaline. 
The wind blowing through your hair and filling your lungs

That feeling you get when you look into the sunset. 

The feeling of your best friend's fur beneath your hand. 

That indescribable bond between horse and rider.

3 barrels.
2 hearts.
1 dream.


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Perfect Imperfections

She was paper. 
She had been written on, erased, crumpled and ripped into pieces.

And she was...


Beautiful despite the indents left by those who wrote too hard and erased too carelessly.
Beautiful despite the many rips and creases she gave herself in fear of never being beautiful.

He was tape.
He had been used, removed, and torn.

And he was...



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Amour Brisé (Broken Love)

I once knew a girl…


A girl who’s pain was so hard to deal with, yet so easy to hide. She walked into school everyday, her long sleeves pulled down, and a fake smile on her lips. Everyday, a little harder to wake up, everyday a little harder to fake it, everyday…

a little harder to live...

One day, a boy approached this girl. He told her she was everything he ever wanted, and he bec...

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