Dive In

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Let's fall into bed and into each other,

Dive into it's water's, embrace one another,

Roll in it's tumbling, jumbling flows,

Drown in each others fumbling throws,

Fall ever deeper and deeper under,

Waves that roar in our ears like thunder,

As this tempest drags us to it's nether,

 Writhing as we're going down together,

Lost now, to the world beyond these depths,

Lost now, to the hope of drawing breath,

As the crush of the deep presses our heads,

And we fall ever faster towards its bed,

In unison reaching the oceans floor,

We kiss the abyss and can dive no more,

Under thousands of feet of shimmering blue,

And accept we will drown in it's shimmering hue,

But one more great wave lifts us up from the floor,

And washes us onto the sunlit shore,

Exhausted and soaking we lay there together,

Survivors of our dive to the nether.



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Mae Foreman

Fri 15th Mar 2019 15:55

Wow, I rarely like love themed poems but this one is excellent. Deep and beautifully phrased. "In unison reaching the ocean floor and kissing the abyss and can dive no more"
Loved it!
Thank you🎈

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Heart of Lead

Thu 14th Mar 2019 02:13

Wow, what rich storytelling. Passionate way to describe a ship lost in a storm, a lover's embrace equally embraced and to measure the wild storms of the ocean.

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