Ee By Gum


Ee by gum, what will become

Of ISIS mum, Shamima Begum


She pleads ...


I was only fifteen young and naive

When I packed up my bags and decided to leave

But as it turns out I was tricked and deceived

By ISIS propaganda and glossy make believe


I had a good time in Syria but lately it's rough

So I want to come home now cos I've had enough

I'd appreciate some sympathy as I've had it tough

Please come get me, my baby, my baggage and stuff


The Kurdish don't want me nor do the Dutch

The Bangladeshis have not yet been in touch

All I have are these straws at which I clutch

Cos I'm certain the Brits don't like me that much


In fact I'm fairly sure that I am despised

On account of the fact that I'm radicalised

And thought the Ariana Grande atrocity was justified

You know a tooth for tooth and an eye for an eye


Ee by gum, what will become

Of Isis Mum Shamima Begum


Lost little girl


Ticking time bomb?

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John McDonough

Wed 6th Mar 2019 11:45

Wise words Dorothy, I went to great lengths to be neutral in my delivery and not try and influence peoples thinking. The theme of the poem was a simple reportage of press interviews except for the last verse which is speculative based on what I know to be public opinion.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 6th Mar 2019 11:20

At fifteen I was considerd to be an adult - "you've made your own bed now you lie on it" was the attitude of the day.

But perhaps that is not very fair in this case - and there is an innnocent child here whose needs should be put above all else.

Perhaps the ticking time bomb should be contained indefinitly while experts try to diffuse it.

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