Knock - Knock

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Hard is the knock-knock

of a world bent and lent

against its self, gone awry-


The thinking strands

that cannot find their

ends to meet themself,

this self has ever yet

to mean it; prove it-


Yet all this squandered time,

these uncounted hours have

a time to thrill

a time to its own purpose-


I will post this warning:

(to a self)

I fear death

not as I fear anonymity 

but its real fear-



Words and foto: Tommy Carroll

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Stu Buck

Mon 18th Mar 2019 16:59

first verse is an absolute killer tommy. love it.

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 18th Mar 2019 13:36

Thanks Martin, I appreciate your comments and your suggestion is in the pondering stage ;~)


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Martin Elder

Sun 17th Mar 2019 18:18

Another fine piece of poetry Tommy. I love the final line in particular
'but is real fear absence'
Wonderful stuff
I am also more fully beginning to appreciate the pictures that you accompany your work with.
I really feel you ought to publish you r work if you have not done so already.
Nice one mate

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