God and war

Some questions will never have an answer,
Like the existence of an almighty caretaker.
Is the world a stage, each one a dancer.
Choreographed by the divine leader.
Be an atheist or a believer,
Is he the one in charge of all maneuver?
Does he keeps track of each sinner?
Life goes on, does he really watch over?
Many live ethically in the fear of a punisher.
Mankind has split, for there's more than one preacher.
Peace disrupted, God will wonder
For in his name, there is war and anger.
It is common for mankind to err,
Give up the hate and surrender.
I'd say, be true to one another
Truth is God, isn't that better?


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Don Matthews

Sun 24th Mar 2019 21:42

That is so good Gagan

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