It's not a period and

not a comma

it's half of each

as if it is not sure

what it wants to be

should we stop

or merely pause

it leaves us confused

then again

it could be Trans-

a bi-punctual mark

that can go either way

not that it's a bad thing

mind you

I am certainly not


every mark

should be able to function

as an equal member of

punctuation society

and be active in a sentence

without fear of criticism

Semi-Colons need love

as much as any other mark

it's in the law

we cannot discriminate because

of sex, race, religion or

punctuational proclivities.


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Don Matthews

Wed 27th Mar 2019 18:58

I'm pleased you've raised the plight dk
Of this punctuation member
The bully dash knocks it around
It's use a fading ember

Our fading ember cries "oh no
What will become of me?
My friend dk is trying hard
Preventing fade-eternity"

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