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Are we always right?

Tuesday,5th March 2019


I don't what shall happen

will it be hell or heaven?

not me alone but many are driven

by the same thought even


what happens?

when you are thrown

with legs and hands tied

even if you have lied to death God


you are going to the bottom

with lots of wisdom

but no use at this time

you are destined to travel in time


no regret or no remorse

but it is the course

that takes you to the final place

irrespective of caste, creed, religion or the race


what were we doing so far?

living under fear!

if not then what worthwhile we did we do as a human being?

the answer is probably "nothing"


were we on the futile mission?

this I think shall be made with the confusion

"No, I was right all the time" we may assert

but inner conscience may curtly disagree


Hasmukh Mehta



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