My Son my sun

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The cool clear beauty

that is your face to me.

The seeing of you 

that made me feel free.


Your calm and kind smile

gentleness by the mile.

The strength of your mind

That made you so kind.


Your flyaway words

soaring like birds.

Swooping and gliding

wisdom abiding.


Your generosity of spirit

your kindness of soul.

Your limitless friendship

that made us all whole.


The love that you gave

and I hope you felt back.

The way that you mediated

and stopped the attack.


The way that we hugged

close and so tight.

Your beautiful laugh

and subdued chuckle.


Every second 

I spent with you.

Every word

that we shared.


I close my eyes

And see

your words melting 

gently into my ears

And massaging my heart

with love.


The warmth of your skin 

on my lips as I kissed 

your lovely forehead

And said everything

In the whole world.


Goodnight buddy

I love you.

And my ears feel your words

caressing my soul. 

Goodnight dad

I love you too. 


◄ Slice of heaven Sydney 1987

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Thu 7th Mar 2019 10:44

Intimate, humbling, and precious--I certainly can't say more.


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Hazel ettridge

Thu 7th Mar 2019 08:08


<Deleted User> (21487)

Thu 7th Mar 2019 07:26

Any comment that I make would be a clumsy intrusion

thank you for letting us read such an iintimate poem

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