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Battle Cry

let the voiceless speak

buoyed by our battle cry

don't allow your

single voice

to silence them

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I climbed Mount Kili

Took it one step at a time

I carried you in my pocket

And the memory of you

Was what carried me to top

It was there at that summit

Where I at last set you free

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Maybe you have never met

Something so 

unbrokenly broke


You have never

Seen the butterfly

Emerge from her


The first flutter

Freeing her

From the confines

Of her own making 

and the dangers

She believed were


Taking her higher

Than the place she once lied

To hide

To rest

To heal

To strengthen

To commit

To remembe...

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You stitch my lips shut

with your insults and lies.

I cannot even whisper my truth,

the needle purses the flesh tight.

My mind is banging from the inside,

fearful of the consequences of silence.

But my heart cannot find the scissors

to slash open my eyes.

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You take me on a journey

       that I never asked to go

You carry all your baggage

       and ask me to let mine go.

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self love

whispers of doubt come

and fear of being found out

rains of hope wash down

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she said our mom is crazy

and i just wanted to shove bees in her mouth

they asked me why mom is so crazy

don’t bother calling, let alone visiting

and i just wanted to punch a blade through their chests

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Hold My Hand

Across many riotous miles

through blissful years

each minute, every second

we may never know again

for each lightening fast moment

I will touch your heart

with the curve of a careful

letter. You will hold my

hand as we roll over the

desolate period. Then you

lift me higher so I leap

the unsteady question

mark of life

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The Grandeur of Her Reign

Oh, solicitous moon

You remain balanced on

the very edge of the

early morning sky, careful

to hold on only

long enough

to make sure the shy sun

has risen.  When she

is basking in the grandeur

of her reign, you

slip quietly away

so her unwitting disciples can

adore her golden perfection

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