Just bewildered by the mess that is Brexit so I wrote a poem on how I view this total travesty..Enjoy"




People dictating whats left is right
but right is wrong
swimming through diction and sentences so long
revolving crisply in notes of a sombre day
wrapped in a blanket of answers
that we hear them say
fighting for a righteous effigy of a broken hope
splayed wide as we slip and slide down a treacherous slope
banging  heads against a craggy wall
bloodied and bruised trapped
sleep paralysis in freefall
how will it end is there a safe exit?
destruction seems unstoppable our labours love lost
the leaders of brexit.

Brexit government Britain

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 14th Mar 2019 22:40

Well said, if the EU was a true democracy, i.e. my vote counts all the way to the top, count me in, but the fact remains it is an uncontrolled, arrogant bureaucracy. I can't vote Jean Claude Juncker out but I can Theresa May or any other British politician and that is the contract of a true democracy between its government and its people.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Mar 2019 16:35

The confusion and dismay are understandable but we need to
recall the decisions that have led to this present debacle.
There have been two great betrayals of the UK electorate in my lifetime. The first occurred when the incumbents of Parliament
decided to hand over to the EU what wasn't theirs to give: the
mandate from the electorate to govern the country in their name
according to its laws and customs. And over ensuing years, steps
were taken to sign "treaties" to bind a trusting UK electorate
ever closer to the power-grabbing entity that sought and seeks to
dominate the aspirations of a nation state and its people. The second is being seen in today's Parliament when a vote by its
incumbents to prevent a "no deal" exit was pursued and won
despite the commitment of both major parties to comply with
the result of the Referendum .e.g. - to LEAVE - no more, no less.

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