love is a world hate the moon             tidal are the moments                I fell into the gravity  of you
and round and round we go                loops whorl as ancient               without my suit on
or fall or rise                                     as they are infinite                     blown from safety’s airlock
there is no up or down here                kept us spun to each other         and out into the void of this

light fasts in this ritual                        on an alien world                      the craft blasts off
of time and distance                           made of things unseen              your in the window waving
I had hoped to explore                       your soft rain of words              I’ve got no fuel to get home
your exotic landscape                         but the sky was dead                maimed by your trajectory 

























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kJ Walker

Sat 30th Mar 2019 07:38

I've never come across this form of poetry before. Is it a form that you have invented, or have I been missing something? Either way I think it's brilliant.

Cheers Kevin

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Stu Buck

Mon 18th Mar 2019 09:50


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