Broken up

Broken up


I was told they had broken up

that he had left her, going off alone

It came as a surprise to us all

as we imagined them to be on the road to matrimony

They seemed the ideal couple, very much in love

a chance meeting had brought them together

I have tried to contact her but to no avail

she is the sweetest soul, fun loving and sincere

Love was what she searched for after a broken marriage

this twinning seemed to be the answer to her unhappiness

Together for three and a half years

no whisper or trace of an impending break

I met him only once at a family reunion

he appeared polite, tidy and I suppose attractive

An ideal match but not destined to last

She must be heart broken

as my heart goes out to her, my dearest cousin

I feel her pain acutely

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 10:20


Thank you for your comment on this poem. Sadly the relationship is now beyond reconciliation.


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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 08:58


Thank you for commenting favourably on this poem. It is much appreciated.


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Sun 7th Apr 2019 20:57

Hi Keith
This is sad when it happens. I'm finding more and more that you never truly know what someone is going through, even when appearances dictate a rosy garden.
Made me think.

jennifer Malden

Thu 14th Mar 2019 13:52

Hi Keith! Obviously this hit you hard especially after another break up. Very well expressed sorrow for a person you care for.

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