Stranded High


My heart aches, and clouds hold fast my mind

Thought still I hear

The silence of the waves

The silence of their Siren pull

wash like hemlock through my senses

Their echoes crashing on my island shore

Returning to the sea


Their hushed harmony

Foams surging up my beaches

A descant imprinted on my strand

Whispering back to the squalls



My world sinks,

and storms suck the vortex near


Still I seek

That mute maelstrom

That fatal silence sung

Still I hear

Those still quiet chords which grip and numb my soul

Still it seems

My mind can never escape the silent opiate strains

But as time's white grains crash down 

So slowly slow-raising its own small dune within the sphere

My heart calms.


The stave line no longer lures

The whirling seas are stilled

Their ripples gentle in my bays:

The fatal shore become a sandy cove -

And seductive silence echoes only in the note's roll

its mute voices still, its cold beauty void -


Still I would

Ride its Siren song

Sink in its silent white surf


◄ Aubade

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