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The sign at the inn swung like a gallows

the light lay low on the heath.

Old Ben was in his settle

sucking baccy through his teeth.


Puddles formed on the flagstones

where a one - eyed dog stood watch;

underneath a ragged sky

the inn was dark as a crotch,


except for a fire - lit window

that glowed like a winter star,

through which a cluster of faces took in


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Also by ray pool:


Two Instead of One

It was a simple thing

Just a different bed

She slept for a night


A wave


One night turned into two

And then three


A tsunami


Then he pushed back

So she pushed harder

Until they were miles apart


And we were in the middle

Screaming just so they could hear us

But its not like they were listening anyway


They loved each other?

They c...

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Have a happy smoke free year

Make 2019 a smoke free year,

Postpone death and funeral fear.

Prevent the poison in the tar flowing in a flood,

Avoid the threat of clot formation due to thicker blood.


Chemicals in the blood make your heart beat faster,

Furring up your arteries creating a deathly  disaster.

The enemy in the smoke can attack your kidneys and  win,

Also reducing the amount of oygen reachin...

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Clay and mud
mixed in blood
molten wood
falling under
burnt asunder
I wander
heartless it seems
like all the world
is the idea that we
should be stranded
at the seams
I can't help but unravel
sound tight
I keep it all inside
the helpless cry
of a childhood denied
simmers now
below red black
thick acrid
hell is near
I feel it's burn
a thousand suns
could not be worse
I give m...

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Unlock your heart

entry picture

Unlock your heart with the grateful dead

The original code is nearly always 0000

Pull off the shackles to unlock your hands and other necessary appendages.

Rotate your heart 90 degrees counterclockwise 

Look out of any window

Squeeze your heart.at what you see

Set a new combination by turning the tide.  

Choose a magical number and never-ever hide, never-ever part

NEVER ret...

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February 4, 2016

The palpitations of life. Unsure. Unforgiving. Like radiation poisoning to the soul. 

Vibrant colors float in the vastness of the depths of hell. 

Feeling every vibe from the endless little souls. 

Dancing in the downpour of weightlessness. 

Yet we're confused. What is real and what is a simple mirage. 

Convincing but deadly. That's the remarkable unfairness of this life. 


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the mouser

The Mouser         


I friend of mine has an old moggy she says

help her to write successful books about suburban life,

big gardens and flowers; envious I tried to find

A cat had seen one outside the apartment building.

grabbed it and scratched but when I hit the pus

over the head with a stone until it lies still in my hands.

Next morning I fed it and gave it wat...

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As will I

I’ve sunken to nothing it’s all on me

Selections I’ve made not on you i see

Yet truth be told with someone that lies

I’ve chosen to have revenge when you die

My boys will carry my burden to lift

It will drag them to the generational abyss

You will not regret leaving me alone

As there’s no feel that isn’t your own

Carry the weight of me on your shoulders

The rest of your ...

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Sorry elPintor

Sorry elPintor


I just did something, that I almost always desist

By writing a poem on another poets list

Of comments that really should be about them

And what they’ve just written. I must make amends


So sorry ‘elPintor’ for rambling on, on your fine poem ‘Sexism’ all about Mums

My comment morphed from being about mums, to me, and being a lost only Son.


So here i...

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beyond the gravelost dadlost mumlost son

New Year Rhyme



How New-Year rhymes we've heard before

put us to sleep, because they bore


As New Years come, more aged we grow

then just like the rubbish, out we go


We come in crying at our birth

then exit smiling, rear of hearse


We hug the world and all its poor

we'd sooner hug the girl next door


We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
then get divorced or end up ...

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Last of the year

The New Year for me

holds no fear

I'll still be writing crap poems

and crying in my beer


Happy New Year everyone.

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New Year Tidings

entry picture





The whale is a big thing.
Jonah had three days in the belly of the whale
carefully considering, and I hear him now.

"This is a good time in the progress of the world.
I know a people of the earth contemplate 
hunting the whale to extinction. Yet
no captain Ahab plunges on his solemn mission.
Only Nippon company men after profit
whatever the cost. Call me apoplectic

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The real fool

When they’re older,

and it’s all abit too late,

no one will be laughing,

about those green things on my plate,

I eat well, I exercise,

I have tons of energy to work,

yet the coolest person in the office,

is an absolute jerk,

I’m known as “the weird one”,

because I’m climbing mountains on the weekends,

im not out being an idiot,

getting wasted with my friends,

I ...

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The sign of Stress leaving your body . The sign of Happiness . A sign like no other . What a difference . Stress Shows . Without Stress who knows .

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The day she found herself 

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Breaking all the shackles

Throwing away all the chains

that were holding her

she finally got rid of the  pain


She drew strength

just  from within

that was the day she found herself

and realized chasing dreams was not a sin


Pleasing everyone

was not her wish anymore

focusing on herself

became her aim of soul


It was very taxing

To identify her tr...

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Also by Shuchi Batra:

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Changelifemotivationmy wordspoor young girlStrengthstrong womenwoman power

Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year Everyone


As a rhymer I'd be neglecting my duty

To not wish you a Happy New Year

Bate your breath as to what I might say next

To which you can say “Dear oh dear”


It's been bloody hot where I write from

Someone said “Hi you flaming galah”

My reaction to this as an Aussie

Is ha-bloody-ha-bloody-ha


(No offence Po....)


One fan of mine (wh...

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I wish all these happy moments gets freeze

I wish all these happy moments gets freeze in this winter

For ever, Forever!

All pains, sorrows vanish away

Like all yellow leaves falls from trees


I wish all happiness, love and laughter falls upon us

Like a snow fall in the winters and beautifies everything which it covers

Let’s get them freeze along with this breezy chilled wind


I wish all these happy moments gets...

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Remain alone

entry picture

Remain alone

Monday, December 31, 2018

7:19 AM


To remain strong

you got to be among

the people who daily face the struggle

still remain among the people


it gives the courage to withstand

and understand

the real difficulties faced

and its origin traced


to go away from the mainstream

may not provide you any beam

or hope of any kind

this must b...

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The Long Notes

entry picture

The Long Notes


I did two long numbers tonight,

Unusual for me,

uncharacteristic you say,

well, quite.


Went well but as ever

I wanted more,

You know the score,

For expression, fame

and adulation,

We're sometimes

just tuppenny whores.


Yet still content

to be with like-minded souls,

Beatniks, blues and jazzmen

breathing the same rarified air...

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The Death of a Toad (tribute to Richard Wilbur)

entry picture


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The Inner Sprawl

The Inner Sprawl


A morass wallowing in its own destiny

faces of anguish,vacant, lost in a 

conundrum of terrestial confusion

Eagerly in pursuit and pursued

driven by all that should be detested

yet now set upon a pedestal of glory

A beggar with dog of adoring eyes

blue smoke wafts his presence to passers by

Some ignore to rush with bated breath

others bewildered ...

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Never let Haters Define you by the box they create for you! They persecute you because they FEAR you and your Greatness!

She crawls on self-defeat

with her sore bare feet.

Jagged cracks play on tiles;

i deem them infantile.


Reflections of old wake

as memories overtake

the waterfall of tears

which draws oh so near.


Waves of empty promises

splash against thi...

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Once Back Then

When school was up I ran to the gate,

I was very young and it was winter rain

And I had forgotten my coat.

I was hungry and waiting, searching every face,

Like one of those little dogs left on the motorway.

One by one the mothers collected their children and took them home.

I was left standing by the gate alone.

Still optimistic,

Trying to make every stranger's face into he...

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compile: root manic (12/;/2018)

'Like he said you get small and you can see yourself and you tell yourself he needs to go to sleep yeah he needs to go to sleep he needs to shut his eyes and relax before he can feel how small he is and how big his pulse is, creeping like spiders across his psyche, his unconscious world pulled tight like babyskin, shaking him awake under the sting of panic over phantoms that were never there.


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Also by Zach Dafoe:

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who were you lying to guess it doesn't matter now

The Magic Cure

It soothes it calms

and helps us to reflect

It’s been around for many years

No needles to inject


Medicinal, ingestible

A wonder of the world

Not the opium of the people

but can be addictive 

none the less 


In many a crisis it is used

In hospitals or prisons

Suitable from the very young

to those growing old or wizened 


It’s suggested if we’re fe...

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Richer in Giving

There is immense value

within each one of us

that is cumulatively enriched

when we share with each other.


But when it comes to giving,

sadly we hold back

in the pretext of protecting ourselves

and then ironically wonder

where has the goodness of this world gone?


It takes wisdom to realise

and courage to admit

that what you have accumulated

through v...

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Also by Larissa Pereira:

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Black Red Rose

A Black Red Rose stood in a sparkling vase

As the sun shone through, the water glowed of wine

The thorns surrounded the stem like green lace


Everyone stopped to admire her beauty and strength

Her intricate accents that were enhanced by the sunshine

A curvy, longated stem with length


One day a petal slowly to the ground fell

Than another followed, making a line


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Also by Cassandra Magan:

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entry picture

“Wot you looking at?

I can sit ‘ere if I want -

This ain’t the bleedin’ Champs Elysees

an wot if I did take off me knickers

It’s an hot day innit

An’ anyhow ‘e made me put me knee up

to hide me parts

They’re all talk anyhow these philosophers

they don’t reckon us girls -

(I can paint tooy’know)

’an ’course we’re impressed

anyone who can talk for an hour

and stil...

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I feel like I'm here all alone
There's people here beside me
I know they don't love me
I'm just a wallflower listening to the conversations

If I fade into my mind I'll find hate
Not for anyone here but just myself
I'm in the city of drug addicts
Broken and all alone 

I've overdosed myself on love
Now I'm paying that the price in blood
I could get addicted to drugs  
That wouldn't fi...

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held her self still.

And I

recalling her face yet

that with my mouth

I forced the enquiry,

and argued the pressing

to her lips

Like those wants

of wishes sated

we had with marbled hurt

turned one back

against the other,

that was forever

like the past

both of us

going nowhere,


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Three Pennies

I gave you three pennies

that one winter’s morn

when the dancing had finished

and we felt so forlorn.


The first for that kiss

when we were first lovers

ne’er to be broken

lying snug under covers.


The second for our child

for one oh so fair

a cherished little treasure

but not long for this air.


The third for hearts broken

no healing can mend


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NEW YEAR CHEER - a lyric

How we love those Christmas songs

That take us where the heart belongs

And happy days that go so fast

Recalling a past we'd love to last.


But as the festive days recede

And we look to where our lives will lead

Each in our own way - with cheer or tear

Says hello to a brand new year.


So - raise a toast - and raise a smile

And reach out over many a mile

To welc...

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long and deep

When the moon wanes

and shadows cast; long and deep

When the soul billows bleak

to the fatigued of life

I will breath for you

as you turn frail and fall

like autumn leaves

I will love you all the more

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Gaze of time | Black roses | succubus |

Freeman Street, Grimsby

entry picture

Location! Location! Location! It’s a mantra

the upwardly mobile intone,

who have set up shop elsewhere –

catchpenny merchants with tricks up sleeves,

purveyors of pleasures and deals.


On a street where ripples of boom

and bust have long since subsided

beneath the tide of failure

the footfall of ‘three day millionaires’

kept all the rest in business.



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Also by David Cooke:

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You think that time would make it easier and maybe I'd just forget.
I still think about that day often but I'm starting to think about it less.

I don't know if I should feel guilty because you're not always on my mind.
Or maybe that's just what happens when you've been gone such a long time.

I do wonder if you'd be proud of me and the things that I've done.
Would you tell me that you're happy...

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Also by Nick:

Vasovagal Syncope. |


For A While

I've not been on long for a while

My hearts been broken for a while 

My feelings have been taken to trial

But I've been thinking a while

So many people around me but feeling lonely 

I'm a mother but sometimes it's hard to find me

Some times I just long for trust

Not many peoples wishes but I'm begging I must 

Unload my troubles 

To some people I could be speaking just bu...

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It's not just the plunge

it's walking BLIND


No one to hold my hand

no one to understand


my need to know

so I can go

the best way for me


Information is


for my pain


I do not mean to 



I'm just starting

this journey late...

in life


By Lynn Hahn

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Also by lynn hahn:



entry picture

We’d gone to watch it in a pub near Durham in April of last year.  We’d taken a cottage for the weekend to celebrate my 65th.  Jayce had been mortified.  It was the weekend of the big match and all his friends and family had got tickets to Wembley to watch it.  But we’d phoned the pub up and they’d assured us it would be on the big screen.  So we went.

The bar was almost empty when we arrived b...

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Also by John Coopey:


It's Easier to Believe

It's easier to believe
I am a child of the most high God
than to live a life of despair.

It's easier to believe
everything happens for a reason
than to question fate.

It's easier to believe
love is everywhere
than to give in to hate.

It's easier to believe
in forgiveness
than remain a victim.

It's easier to believe
in abundant blessings
than mounting problems.

It's easier ...

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Because I can no longer kiss you

no longer feel your skin

beneath my fingers

or hear you in the night

Because I can no longer call you

no longer sound your name

beneath my breath

or hear you whisper soft

Because I could not stop time passing

could not return time's sand

beneath its glass

or heal the wounds of time

Because I could not hold you here

could yet y...

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The Kiss

It started so tentatively.

Arms reaching awkwardly,

a frisson of fear until

her arms respond.

A nervous coming together of lips,

which then part

to allow a hesitant foray

past the confines of teeth.

And relax,

as tongues begin to twine,

at first timidly,

then with increasing confidence.

Gradually, the embrace becomes tighter,

yet more comfortable,

bodies a...

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For E. Pound from the Thoroughly Smug

I didn’t really understand what you meant

When you said you saw a family picnicking

And they were happier than you,

Even though I felt it must be true.


And when you said you were happier than I was,

I knew you weren’t actually speaking to me,

But I decided to stay miserable

Just so your poem would always be true.


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Ezra PoundmiserySalutationthoroughly smug

The Day Will Come

entry picture

It's 2 o clock in the morning, soon 3 then 4!
It's a cold, cold night and the rain does pour.
I'm not as young as I was, but a job to be done.
As I pack away the famous Knotty Ash drum.

The moggy skin coat I lay across the back seat.
Dicky Mint sits quietly, another show complete.
These times can be hard, but please hear this.
The day will come when these times I will miss.

Costumes, h...

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The research is mixed


We hold them until the joy 
Runs out of their faces
And they give up 
Any notion of escape

Once broken
They walk around timidly 
Mouthing what we drill into them
Without too much stuttering

A few are more difficult
To break we defer to 
The more experienced amongst us
To show us the advanced techniques 

Of course we are constantly 
Monitored so any sign of sympathy
From us...

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Christmas Eve Miracle

Merry Christmas to me!


In the wee hours of the mellow moon

That shines like a keyhole to Heaven

I have a belly once more that 'knows'

Its God-given design -

To receive my food

And de-construct it

With purpose unparalleled

Re-constructing those elements

That nurture my physical body

Leaving my brain, my 'soul'


To thrive in their own esoteric sph...

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outstretched    hand your hand

 grasping    reminding

 reciting    the parts of

you like a litany to me

[everything that I can still remember]

singing your life like a



 pestilence petulence


lost among the

             waves of time


this time.


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Also by ha'azinu:

II. | I. |

emotional poetrypoetrypunctuationspacing

See sun

A bright day 
he said 
I wish it's a long time until 
the sun goes down
The sun never goes down 
in my realm 
the ruler proudly proclaimed 
and looked out 
of the window in the tower 
beyond the horizon 
farther that the eye could see

You can see 
in a different view 
the jester said teasingly 
The sun always goes 

Out there he hurried 
to add

Copyright © 1992  by nal...

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Your Happiness is My Happiness

entry picture

the sun stretched on the morning full of dew
white butterflies enjoy orange ostrich pistils
I was face down in a sad moment
the sense of self extinction was stunned

singing birds swinging on guava leaves
the young tip tinged with joyful luster
my desire ran aground in a fake atmosphere
my dream is entangled in thousands of questions

rooster shouting in hoarse voice
lined up the geese ...

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Also by Suko Waspodo:

What I'm Waiting for | Your Presence | Miss You Endlessly | For You (That's Far but Near) | No Longer Lonely | The Morning Star | Yearning | Unforgettable | About You | I Wanna Make Love with You | Rhythm of the Winds | Just A Mere Daydream | Bless Me | Romantic Desire | The Rhythm of Life | Our Love Will Last Forever | Script Without Words |


Bending reality

Your own mind is yours to keep,
as long as you don't decide to follow the sheep,
Start bending all reality, this will give you your own normality,
Dance in your own style and you will stand out a mile,
Sing songs where ever you go and put on your own one man show,
Do what you want, will make you full of glee,
Then you will find you will be absolutely free,
Freedom is a state of mind and thi...

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Also by Pip Thomas:

The Nucleus | Fortune favours the brave | Who Say's I Can't Be Happy All The Time | Hello All You Heroes | I will show you paradise | Pan of Scouse | The fall and rise of paradise. |

contentmentdancingenjoying your life no matter what.freedomgoalheart and soulMINDparadise

Eyes say it all.

entry picture

If your heart needs a hug so warm,

that your sorrows take a melting fall,

then don't you worry, just turn to me

and see that my eyes say it all.


For i don't think that you might know,

my heart has taken you in call,

and no part of mine agrees to say,

but it's just my that eyes say it all.


You may be there or may be not,

my eyes will be in search of yours,


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Also by khushal kothari:

Soldiers, our strengths. | A Recipe for Happiness |

The Gnome

Oh, god! Here I'm

Right back!

In front of you,

Ready to be redeemed

Me, the twin-legged little monster

your magnificiant creation

long long ago

To swallow

the shadows of wealth

To gulp

the shadows of love n hate

To glut

your beloved creations on earth

To gorge

everything in this world

and the other world

The Gnome of shadows!

Of shadows only!!

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Also by Vinod K A:

Ugly beauty |

poempoetryshort poem

The Art Of . . .

entry picture


She tastes love lips

But he was no angel 

In a world filled with mayhem

She seeks he who is stable 


Foundations that maintain

Love that withstands

Friendship is of the essence

Loyalty that is infinite


Wondering souls unite

Ties begin to merge

Bonds bound to the will of spirits

True intimacy is experience


He tastes loves lips

But she wasn’t...

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Excerpts from the mindlesson in lifetwin flame

The ornaments of truths, the hidden needlework

The webs and knots of me lay out the lace of love

The beads of words spell out the truths for you to hold

And as you pull the strings, I'm gracefully undone


And maybe this is it, and maybe that's the day 

That everything before was destined to create

And I will gladly take each silent come what may

And may it come right now, ...

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Also by C Banning:

(untitled) | (untitled) | (untitled) | Ashes | Something To Remember | (untitled) | (untitled) | To my sister | If Only |


Been happy or Been sad,

fulfillment or not attaining your desires

it comes with alot of emotions.


Finding a purpose in chaos

stuck in the system for ages 

motivation to feel alive again

After chains of break down leading to a break forth.


Beautiful thing about life its more about re writing than writing

It makes you tear down so you can break through 


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Barcelona 2012


The warmth has gone,

the boar's head taken down

all fireplace brick surrendered

to the sledgehammer,


that old woman who

punished fruit machines

denied her homebound pleasure,

the jaunty evening crowd

now scattered like funeral ash.


The barmaid with her optimistic hair

left stranded, the perrenial

inviting smil...

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Also by john short:


Oh How Then

Oh How Then

The powers that be took us into this mess

And we as people decided to act

Yes that’s right we banged our pans and spoons


You there over there yes you in Europe

With your plans and rules and laws and languages

We are English and do not want your rules

Or to be ruled by you from citadel Europe

What will we gain from this?


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Peace Future Peace | Before She Fades | Layered Cake |


Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 11:58 PM


how you were a single flower

In an evergreen forest?

The weight of the branches

smothering your chances of survival. 




how you found energy

falling from the clouds in bright streaks of light:

rays that came from the heavenly bodies.

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Also by hk:

Monday December 3, 2018, 5:06 PM |

The Goodwill Wheel

entry picture

Staggering beside the carts, like dull warhorses,

we stumble along endless tracks and mud-souped ditches,

always stooped, intent upon the next step.

Rattling behind, grisly chains of disarticulated bones,

tied by tendons and ligaments, trail beyond past horizons,

 a century of war.

Rainbows always cry.

The holly bears a bloody fruit.

All victors ethically vanquished.


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December 24th Notebook Pieces

entry picture

Past 3 O’Clock
Still, the moon like 
frost across the bedroom 
we find the language
we spoke as 
when our minds
were open
and our hearts 
We hold hope within us,
like a little house
swelling with light
in the darkness
of a late 
December evening.
listening to the gentle sounds
of those I love
The candle 

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Also by Tom Harding:

December 21st | DO NOT | WAITRESS |



it could be soon

— i will run out 

of words

that have not

been said before.

doomed to be ordinary,

to recycle rhymes 

and steal sentences.

to boldly claim

my sentiments,

to pour my heart out,

only for it to have

been said before

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Also by Grape:

to those who continue to wrong me | December |


entry picture


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I didn't write as they said,

directed or instructed.

Naturally I was outcasted.

I was not in a hyped review or

Concocted rostrum.

"Just gibberish" they said.

I didn't not mind.

Why should I ?

My words and emotions are

no saleable commodities.

I write for I have to write.

My joys within are my best reviews.


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Just a Teardrop | Life's Poetry | Shadow |

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my dear friends! 
At this holy feast let's holdout's hands! 

Let’s think and dream of the best! 
You are all my dearest and blessed.

Without you, I can’t imagine my life, 
And with you, I can stand any strife.

Long awaited Christmas has come! 
For me and you, it’s a true momentum.

The holy star, my friends, has lightened, 
The whole world for us has brightened.

The star’...

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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

Md | To Smoke Before Bedtime | (untitled) | There was nothing much to do… | We All Die Someday |

christmas eve

Dear Santa,

entry picture

Dear Santa, 


I've been extra good this year



All I want is a cure for my

rare brain disease because

see Santa I was given this

disease before I left my

mothers womb so long

ago now



But life since that time has

been up and down daily like

a rocking roller coaster riding

throughout a non-stoppable

hurricane that is enough to

drive one ...

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christmas wishesCure Chiarihappy new yearlifelivingloveMerry Christmasshort storiesStoriesTina Gloverwriting

The Last Words My Granny Said To Me





The Last Words My Granny Said To Me


It’s with regret that I think about Granny

And the kind words that were left unsaid

And the ways that I wished, that I’d made my last peace

But I’ve missed my last chance now she’s dead

If I could re-run our last conversation

I’m sure that I wun’t have provoked

I wish I’d have seen her, just one more last time


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Also by kJ Walker:

The Day That Our Dad Came Home Sober |

Something Missing .

I have an air of something missing 

Like I forgot my key 

Perhaps we should entwine again 

So I can test the theory 

That youre the something missing 

Youre the key 

That would open 

All doors 

And maybe thats what I am afraid of ....

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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

Whenever | sometimes i think |

Dark At The End of The Street

Are they fireflies or cigarettes 
darting into the night
in the safety of shadow
your body presses against mine

Touch my chest and you'll feel
there is a space beside my heart
it's there that I detach myself
behind a firewall of truth
none on the other side persists

The things that we do in the dark...
I have lived so many years of my life
with the dark at the end of the s...

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Also by Tom Alexander:

The Wind Is Howling | Anatomy of Longing |

darkhidden deedslustshadows

The Sojourner

The Sojourner

What ordeal had he endured that threw him

into solitude and made him a sojourner?

Was it the memories of lost lovers, their faded lilt

echoing against the butter walls of cold sandstone quarries

in the memorials of his distant homeland?


Perhaps a frightened memory of walking weed-choked

paths leading reluctantly to an ancient ruined abbey

where black twis...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Time |

Brexit TV

Parliament’s off on its jollies,

The Speaker removed from his chair.

Oh how I will miss these comedians

But their break’s far too short, so beware.


So what will I do with no Brexit TV?

No Commoners standing to bleat.

Will BBC Parliament go off the air,

Or fill my spare time with repeats?


I wish I could say that I’m better informed

By listening in to the House.


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Also by Stephen Mellor:

Definition - Confused |

The true meaning of Christmas

entry picture

Haunted in the half sunken darkness
Some Christmases you don’t know
What to say to each other
Apart from simply walking to your family.

Smiling at couples walking around
Frozen ponds with their dogs
And children making snowmen
Out of the white mysteries on the floor

Moments tied up in images
Outside other people’s houses
With lights on their windows
Like lifted eyes facing the light


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Quiet now, no peal or clink left of the day,

all dancing, singing, thanking done,

now speed the pulse through night.

A new morning will wake us soon

and wash all that away.


Plans for this and plans for that may knock on doors

of minds still blinking, blinded by

the flash of records made.

So lock and bolt secure those gates

and let your hearts restore.


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Also by Peter Taylor:


The Gifts

This was written recently by my sister who suffers from Alzheimers. I should not say "suffers" because she cheerfully accepts the different plane that it has set her on apart from the <normal> world. A very gifted author and poet the disease has cruely manifested itself by upsetting the language function of the brain, yet I find her latest works intensely moving and brave.



This now, i...

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The title of a decent poem

Do not judge me for my actions.

Do not chide me for my mistakes.

Do not jeer at my defeat.

Do not cheer at my frustrations.

Do not laugh at my heartache.

For every chink in my armor and for every new battle scar,

comes with it a reinvigorated fervor to soar beyond what were once thought to be peaks.

So do not pave where I have misstepped with your 'I told you sos' and 'you'll ...

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Also by Clarke:

Filial piety | Makings | Reckoning | Pomelo |

Useful resources for writers

entry picture

 The beauty of writing is in the accessibility to everyone. All you need is a laptop or pen. Some people have own diaries, some write articles for websites or run blogs, some of them create unique and catchy advertisement titles. These people always want their writings to be better. There is a list of useful resources for writers. They are indispensable helpers for those who want to become a words...

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I live upon Marley’s yard

His stride, his walk

His chains and fetters

gladly received by me

From time spent past

Oh. That I may seek

That I may again gaze upon

The sun of woven fields

Where I once sat

Between sheaves of wheat

And ears of corn

To not be shorn by the guilt of guilty parties

Thrown and tidied together in grieving harm

To judge and scorn


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Also by Martin Elder:

Pay |

Common Sense

My family will say something

And within a year if that

It will be a fact

It might be that legwarmers are coming back

Or about genetic memory

Or about a U-turn in politics


Smoking a fag at a back door

Or some beer garden

At a christening or a funeral

Just like that

If you say something is real

Then it is


My family will say something

And within a few ...

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She grew in my hands

until I could no longer

hold her weight

and her flower

eclipsed my face

I cried as I buried her 

and the earth swallowed

my tears with thirsty gulps

she drank from me until

I was dry and I was dry for weeks

Proudly, she stood under my window 

sill, with bright petals and a strong stem

she waited for me to come again

But I did not want to ...

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They said worship us and you'll live 

They said touch us and you'll live 


They see a face worn out 

They see a coward with doubts 

That's why they think I'm a hollow threat they have to surround

They think they can see the dead remains inside 


Fools! because they never looked me in the eye 

If they had they'll know they've been defeated even before all this started o...

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Also by Dark_horizon:

Door of a Believer | Wind | Still |

She walks in beauty

entry picture

She walks in Beauty


I know a girl whose smile

 Is as warm as August sunshine

A girl whose eyes shine

Like the pole star.

A girl whose heart is so powerful

She will share her only food

With people living on wild winter streets.

Behind her smile she hides

The feel of a rifle in her mouth as she is raped

Under a merciless Eritrean sun.

Behind her eyes she hides


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Also by eve nortley:

This Christmas | Time stands still | Found Poetry | Fight Back | Hair - like I care! | small things...matter | Tonight I will go home and cry |


I wonder

What you see in me

That makes you think I can do this

I tell you that I can’t

And all you do is push


I don’t know if I can continue

Everytime I try

All I hear

Are your words

Telling me not to fail


How much more

Do you think I can give

I am drowning

In your expectations

And my breath comes shorter with every wave


I think that if


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You saw how we live 
You became jealous 
The way we are close
And you became envious 
Our affairs drives you insane 

The love we practice 
Makes you wish
Our disputes are undisclosed 
That makes you uncomfortable 
The way we walk in the street,
Makes you look like a witch

I admire a pretty girl in the street 
My lady knows of it either ways 
I received a visitor and you became a s...

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Also by Kporho Raphael Oyeke:

Empty Treasury |

Playing with Fire ?

Playing with Fire Dangers of playing with Fire. Sounds obvious to me , I mean it’s fire who doesn’t know that ? But not every time will a person be afraid to get burned . The thought of how it will feel or what to expect . The curiosity or the what if . But then again it wouldn’t happen to me I’m smarter than the average caveman I got this . Sometimes we know we could potentially get burned a...

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Also by Natalie Johnson:

(untitled) | Wasted Time | Pride comes before destruction |

The cracks in the wall remind me of you,

Their tiny twisting fingers like veins,

winding up through plaster and

Pressing unwanted gifts into a sweaty palm,

Until spider web constructions

 slip their strings to the floor,

 only to shatter and unveil

their bodies caked in blackness.


The trailer slumps in a brown-green field,

Its frame in pieces behind

Broken nets o...

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God Is No Man

entry picture

Understanding the laws of the universe
Puts you in a position of overwhelming doubt
As your mind tells you that God would never take the form of a human scout
Decaying in this moment of nonsensical bout.

God doesn’t sit on a cloud
God doesn’t pretend to shout
God doesn’t want to meet you
Or question the defiance from the stench of your wet mouth.

The Universe is filled with mathematica...

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Also by David Irvine:

Cunt | Feel It | Interstellar |


Wounded Healer

Wounded Healer

Chestfull of Grief

Subdued Heart

Full of Mischief

Scan my Matter

I am a Thief

Don’t listen to Spirit

Just Seeking Relief

Drowning Dreamer

Trauma of Belief

Rivers to Conquer

I am the Dirt

The Soil that Speaks

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Healerhidden meaningUniverse

Trials and Tears

entry picture


Through trials and tears and stagnant moments of time built up over the years and when I felt all of my love and my giving in my soul dying - through handfuls of tears I spent crying until they subsided into painful silence and blank stares - I am happy to find you at the ends of my fingertips in such inevitability and certainty.

Happy to in a way that only life lessons and simply...

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Night Life

Life in the night – trees unseen, the

woods a hidden myth, staggering

from step to unsure step, your path

is faith, your direction trust.


Safety: a myth, security: fib,

walking in darkness, way marks hid,

headway is made past obstacles

obscured, dark’s blackness: fear complete.


So rises the dawn, return of

the light, letting you see the way

through the trees...

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Also by Rich:

Tech Life | Come Back |

Winter Sundays

We know each year it comes to us
Darkness, to bright cold winter days
The greens become a golden yellow
Before bareness reveals ageing old oaks
Yet cousins stay that darker luscious green 
And brave red berries are to be born again
In time for their festive December displays

Birds, squirrels, foxes and rats still search
To find enough to live in our way 
Close enough, but not as our pre...

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No title to this sad song

I feel no warmth in your stay,

only light flames from your exhaust lead the way. 

The deadliest parts of you,

I hold high and mighty.

“Clearly it’s  not working out”

you tell me while I’m crying  


what’s wrong with me  


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Also by Eden Louise:

(untitled) |

100 best poetry blogscrydeathhaterealationshipSadself hatesorrow

Mind the Gaps

Mind the gaps.


There are no happy ever afters,

just some gaps between the tears,

with houses packed unto their rafters

in which you can forget your fears

surrounded by those who love you

and perhaps by those that you love too.


I do hope your gaps are many; 

And that your tears are singularly few

for while our tears are two-a-penny

such gaps are quite pricele...

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between the tearsgapsjoymind the gapMoments of joytearsthe gaps

Festive Fuel For Thought

Samuel Oldknow poetry special

spoken word Christmas cheer

season greetings to all

uncertain drinkers showed fear

ordered pints dived downstairs

before poets could explain

no forceful approach intended

to take sacred vow

cut wrists give blood

sacrifice mortal human spirit

experience open mic session

give poetry a chance!

Landlord had to whisper

as they fled be...

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Falling in Love with Someone |

Matthew James Publishing & Samuel Oldknow thanks

A Gap in a Curtain

This weeks theme sisters..this was an itch I had to scratch and WoL is the only place I can scratch it....


A Gap in a Curtain

She stood looking through a gap a few inches wide,
the fear on her face she could not hide.

My stomach lurched at this meekness of spirit,

filling every inch of me with a sadness aching and raw
for I knew that my parents could have done no more.



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Also by Taylor Crowshaw:

Our Pets | When Did My Mother Arrive? | I Have Had a Life | The Huntress | First One Last |



I still remember the first day 

I laid eyes on him  

Wearing nothing but a greasy shirt 

Caught all my attention


Since then I went out every Friday

Met at your local place when you were with her

I must admit It wasn't easy

She was a ten but I knew her game


She fought with class

Such a fash, I didn't play with rules

Don't put the blame now on me

You ...

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Also by Dean99:

Oldest Friend | Unnamed |

forgotten dreams

In two eyes just one dream

living through one stream

if I was told the scheme

would I have stayed


silence filled with thoughts

no place for hidden spots

who wouldn’t have sought

for ever more


but time took your heart

and now we grew apart

i wonder when I did start

to look away


now in my lonely nights

you visite as sweet sad sights

and in the...

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Also by racha:

a song | a tinkerer's heart | cycle | preacher |

Christmas Is Ridiculous

christmas is ridiculous

a frenzy of indoctrination 

sentimental propaganda

pressure to participate

unrealistic expectations

inculcated in the kids

while parents go insane 

it goes against the grain to be 

so busy at this time of year

we should be curled up by the fire

not fucking running round so wired 

to buy this tat that no one needs

sanctifying endless greed


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ChristmasconsumerismSpoken Word poetrywinter

One less pain

I wish for you to leave,

'cause I've had enough to grieve.

I hope for me to heal,

there's nothing that I can feel.

Every moment I spend with you,

there is a lot that I'm going through.

The scars that you've left on my heart,

is wrenching my soul apart.

But.. it's okay if you wish to stay,

it will be just one less pain.

The pain of losing you..

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Been drunk twice today, once 
in the haze of dawn in slumbered pile, again 
before night's drape had drawn a while, while
in-between, through sober gaze, I wished
for clouds that went clockwise by.

Have spun the empty bottle dry, in rounds
with friends who faked a smile, but once
the bell had closed that night, and rung
in hollowed echoed sigh, I stared
at lonely stars trail by.


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Also by Ciaran Cunningham:



How melancholy are we now.

Your ghost heart beating so slowly,

I tell you things but they don’t make a sound.


How tired, how tired you are.

I meet apathy under your eyes.

How intangible is the light from the stars.


What is it to you now?

Is it silence, is it that I look into your eyes and see stone.

At what heartbeat of the clock did absence meet your bones?



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Also by Sarah Mae:

The Art of Moving Forward |

Ho ho ho!

entry picture

A poem for children

We dearly love old Santa Claus

who works all year without a pause.

This year his reindeer went on strike

they thought he'd have to use his trike!

Santa said -

You ask your contract be renewed

but think of all the oats you've chewed!

Overtime for the long night's haul

'on snowy roofs we risk a fall'.

You demand Monclers and furry boots

I see you ...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Tom Turkey's lament |


There once was a man, filled with sorrow

Heart in his hands, but it beats hollow

Longing for happiness, to make a new connection

Someone to pick him up and give life direction


Afraid of once again being misled,

He kneels in silence and unwavering dread.

Tears down his face, cause him to rust

He knows not whom he can trust.


So here he stays, abused and broken


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Also by Rex Troxell:

Life's a Buzz | Sundae Orchestra | Across Styx |

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