Spider Woman spreads panic,a follow on.

Sylvia of Sabden was on her way out,

Her thick brown hair was being blown about.

A scary film she wanted to see,

To the cinema she went with her boyfriend Lee.

In the foyer by a mirror she brushed her thick brown hair,

But what happened next Sylvia of Sabden caused quite a big scare!


The brush in her pocket suddenly became alive,

The hairs,spider like,ran down her legs to survive.

Panic was spread down the seats at the front,

As the spiders crawled over the humans to hunt.


Screams and panic spread all around the room.

As the spiders crawled round spreading doom and gloom.

Suddenly the lights went on so that the audience could see,

Fortunately they didn't know it all started with Sylvia and Lee.


The cinema was evacuated and the pest controller was called out.

'Twas a mystery to everyone how this had come about.

Lee was in shock and was obviously perturbed,

Sylvia zipped up her coat pocket ,left her brush undisturbed.






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